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I’m not a Will Hayden fan in the least bit.. but this smells like bullshit:

A Baton Rouge gun dealer known nationally as the star of Discovery Channel’s reality television show “Sons of Guns” Will Hayden was arrested over the weekend, accused of recently molesting a girl at his Greenwell Springs Road home.

William “Will” Hayden, the show’s 49-year-old star, spent Friday night in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison before leaving sometime Saturday after posting a $150,000 bail on counts of molestation of a juvenile and aggravated crimes against nature, booking records show.

C. Frank Holthaus, Hayden’s attorney, said the accusations were made by a woman who Hayden recently fired from a job at his gun shop. Holthaus also said Hayden’s relationship with the woman was only professional in nature, not romantic.

“She has nothing to do with this child that she claims was somehow abused,” Holthaus said.

Hayden does not share any children with the woman, Holthaus said.

Full story – The Advocate

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpI really don’t get it sometime… how can there be an accusation without proof, and then someone gets put through the ringer like this?  You hear stuff like this happen all the time and it’s sickening.

If Will is guilty of this (which I highly doubt after reading multiple stories about it) then he should be punished accordingly.  I think you all know by now what I’d say is fitting punishment now I’m not even going to bother re-iterating.  If he’s not guilty though, the lady who accused him should be sent to live with molesters in prison somewhere for the rest of her life.  I’m sure Will would be more than happy to pick up the tab so the burden isn’t on the taxpayers.


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Will gonna Will:

Uhhhh might want to look into that magazine seating issue.  Drum magazine seating = “neva been done befo”?

I had to google who makes that skeletonized derpazine (Alliance Armament).  Lets hope they make $425 thirty round drum mags better than they make websites, shieeeeeeeet.

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpThe description says the gun is for a former pro football player turned contractor (like operator security contractor? or building contractor?  I don’t know.).  But but I thought athletes couldn’t be trusted with guns? *face palm*

Thoughts?  These previews are more than enough to keep me away from watching the full episodes.


Testing out an anti-aircraft gun on stationary grounded fake aircraft:

NEVA BEEN DONE BEFO’!  Nothing like shooting a gun like that without eye pro… it sets a good example for the derp-youth.


I want one with a .22LR conversion kit.  Is that too much to ask?!

I can’t even stomach more than a couple minute clip of that show before my stomach gets in a knot.



Neva been done befo’:

Ahahahhah this show…  I was hoping that the knee jerk reaction of canceling it after the Newtown CT massacre, would put this derp-fest to rest once and for all.  Guess not… new derp every Friday.

Will can’t even troll properly. Making a MAC-FAL is such entry level trolling… if he wanted next level he should have made a SCAR-Deagle, Citori-Glock, or an UZI-1911. Yea they probably didn’t have the spare parts for those, but it’s a TV show and that’s the kind of shit you should be faking for ratings.

I hate to even think what the price on those rifles will be, and worse yet that people will shit a brick to get their hands on one.  “OH WILL CAN I GET ON A BACK ORDER LIST? AND IF I PAY EXTRA CAN YOU SIGN MY ASS CHEEK WITH A SHARPIE?”  GTFO…  save your money people.

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpLOL the Stephanie pic I used to the left cracks me up every time.  “DAMNNNNN GURRRRRRL you weren’t kidding about that recoil.



Aerosmith’s Joe Perry made an appearance on Sons Of Derp:

He’s a legend I know, but Joe might as well change his name to Jolene with that bad looking hair.  His wife’s would suit him more; Joe handled the auto fire much better than her though.

The point of Joe’s visit was to get an old cannon restored.  I didn’t see the episode so I have no idea what kind of shocking DERP they bestowed upon that antique, but I’m sure it was something cringe-worthy, and neva, been done befo’.

Thoughts?  How did the cannon end up looking?


This is a follow up video to Reality TV Gun Shows Suck:

No Unsafe gun handling while he was on set hey?  Exhibit A:

That’s just a video I had at hand… i’m sure I could drag up dozens more if I wanted to waste any more of my time thinking about that show.

Don’t even give me that bullshit about how blanks are 100% safe.  Whether or not that whole shot was staged, and no one was actually in front of the muzzle when the blanks were shot off is irrelevant because they made it APPEAR as though it wasn’t staged. I have so little use for that show.

Hahha Chaos.. the “Declaration of Shenanigans” was a nice touch. Keep up the good work buddy.