special forces

Larry is a legend.  I highly recommend watching this:

Larry and his story are doing the heavy lifting in this video, but the no-date Submariner is looking ūüíĮ too.

Some people like Larry have such interesting back stories.¬† My “profiles of courage” would be like: “*shrug* I went to school and hated every second of it… then believed that if I didn’t go to University I could never make any money… so naturally I did 12 more years worth of school and hated every second of it.” *credits roll on screen*.¬† haha oh well, NO RAGRETS.

I respect Larry for his military service, but I connect with him on a business level.¬† He’s an inspration;¬† truly a master of his craft… the YouTube videos and the Vickers Guide books are incredible.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Whoa that folding auto at the start! ¬†I didn’t even know that existed so I googled it and saw it’s a PP-90.

Is Royal Nonesuch Russian?  This guy in the video also seems to survive off safety squints / no ear pro. haha

Speaking of the PP-90, I still think about this Magpul FMG9 prototype on a daily basis. I really wish they could get Glock on board and actually create that thing as a legendary collab. The internet would explode and it would require wartime-like effort to keep up with demand, where random manufacturing companies from all types of industries would be creating them:


Gat tip: Ed


A promo video the Russians made up:

Some pretty cool stuff happening in this video; even some underwater shooting at 2:42.

3:28 – Where can I get a rocket launcher SIM video game? haha

Looks like they have some pretty nice equipment.

5:20 –¬†Aleppo citadel. ¬†So cool… too bad it’s badly damaged now :( ¬†A real shame that part of the world is so dangerous to travel to.

I wonder if any of those guys are using a custom reticle when they are slaying ISIS. :P


Gat tip: John


Hilarious and sad :( at the same time:


Here’s the full image from a magazine:


I’m loving that they rock the Magpul extendos too.

Gat tip: Jerry


Instructor-ZeroAHHAHAHA @ the dramatic picture he paints with the wording on the intro. ¬†Not saying I don’t agree with it, but it’s just classic Zero.

If the faces are obscured I’m automatically like “say no more fam, this guy is a legit operator”.

So is he teaching these operators all the stupid shit he does like forward rolls¬†and¬†shoot then snatch the pistol back quick. ¬†Do they do dynamically disruptive ice cold hand drills¬†etc…?



Apparently this is¬†Kopassus (Indonesian Army special forces). ¬†Not ideal… not ideal.

oprah-derp-face0:51 – THIS GUY! ¬†He’s not even using his sights. ¬†*smfh*

Thoughts? ¬†Am I too soft because I don’t want to crawl through the Indonesian mud while friendly bullets almost kill me?

Gat tip: Snekrz, Keijo