special forces


Whoa that folding auto at the start!  I didn’t even know that existed so I googled it and saw it’s a PP-90.

Is Royal Nonesuch Russian?  This guy in the video also seems to survive off safety squints / no ear pro. haha

Speaking of the PP-90, I still think about this Magpul FMG9 prototype on a daily basis. I really wish they could get Glock on board and actually create that thing as a legendary collab. The internet would explode and it would require wartime-like effort to keep up with demand, where random manufacturing companies from all types of industries would be creating them:


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A promo video the Russians made up:

Some pretty cool stuff happening in this video; even some underwater shooting at 2:42.

3:28 – Where can I get a rocket launcher SIM video game? haha

Looks like they have some pretty nice equipment.

5:20 – Aleppo citadel.  So cool… too bad it’s badly damaged now :(  A real shame that part of the world is so dangerous to travel to.

I wonder if any of those guys are using a custom reticle when they are slaying ISIS. :P


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Hilarious and sad :( at the same time:


Here’s the full image from a magazine:


I’m loving that they rock the Magpul extendos too.

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Instructor-ZeroAHHAHAHA @ the dramatic picture he paints with the wording on the intro.  Not saying I don’t agree with it, but it’s just classic Zero.

If the faces are obscured I’m automatically like “say no more fam, this guy is a legit operator”.

So is he teaching these operators all the stupid shit he does like forward rolls and shoot then snatch the pistol back quick.  Do they do dynamically disruptive ice cold hand drills etc…?



Apparently this is Kopassus (Indonesian Army special forces).  Not ideal… not ideal.

oprah-derp-face0:51 – THIS GUY!  He’s not even using his sights.  *smfh*

Thoughts?  Am I too soft because I don’t want to crawl through the Indonesian mud while friendly bullets almost kill me?

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Here’s why:

Oh god Funker Tactical just hit the TURBO on the Instructor Zero marketing engine once again, so hold onto your spongebob underwear.

So many pixellated faces in this video, so crucial. A lot of good that does though *sarcasm* when all I did was zoom and ENHANCE the reflection in Zero’s glasses at 1:08, and voice recognition at 3:03. I could name names and units, but I’m not trying to disrupt foreign relations you know?

0:57 + 2:08 – These guys do the worst push-ups I’ve ever seen.  It’s like in gym class when you’re just trying to hit the count and that’s all you care about.

Instructor-Zero3:25 – “Instructor Zero has trained over 40 special operations forces units from all over the world”

I found the lack of suffocation bags, tactical tights and parachutes in this video quite disturbing.

Thoughts?  What do you think the point to all this Instructor Zero marketing is?  Just gain more YouTube fame?  I think the eventual plan is for him to move to the USA and try and dominate the realm of tactical training.