Good news is that I still want to see this movie really bad.  Sure, it doesn’t look revolutionary as far as the storyline, acting, locations, cars, guns, etc.. go, but whatever I’m just trying to have a good time.

James-Bond-Spectre-HK-VP9That cool little folding pistol at the start appears to be a Brügger & Thomet MP9-N (9mm).  I have to say though, the damage it did when he shot that building looked more like what a .45 would do. :P

Thoughts?  Are you scratching your neck and curled up in a ball waiting on the Nov 6th release date?

Quite the pensive look in the YouTube still haha.

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Cryptic message from the past sends Bond on a mission:

James-Bond-Spectre-HK-VP9Meh, doesn’t really have me wanting more.  That said 007 movies are always entertaining, have plenty of action, and awesome visuals at the locations they pick.

Wow I can’t believe this is movie #24.



Like I didn’t already want an HK VP9 enough:


Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes in Austria on a location in Spectre:

Looks promising.  It’s kind of hard to hate any of the Bond movies from an entertainment standpoint.   Yea sure Daniel Craig isn’t my favorite James Bond obviously, but I try not to let that get in the way.

Thoughts?  Would view in theaters?  How many of you with HK VP9s are glad you bought one before more people find out it’s “the bond gun” and they are sold out everywhere?