For those of you that were a fan of the previous Winchester Ranger Ammo Comparison.  Here is a similar comparison chart for Speer Gold Dot ammunition:

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Both charts are definitely worth taking into consideration when choosing you’re carry ammunition.


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When checking through the boxes of ammo used, we found five or six other cases that had no rim, there was nothing for the extractor to grab hold of and therefore couldn’t extract the spent case causing a malfunction.

WOW that is not good…  This is why it makes sense to give your ammo a quick look over before you use it.  Can you imagine this rimless ammo in a self defense situation? You would almost certainly be dead.  There is no method I know of to quickly clear a casing that can’t even be grabbed by the extractor without using something to poke the casing out from the barrel end.

Will paranoia of this situation bring about a new carry product developed by Speer to fix such a situation?



Story: Police One