Larry Vickers AKA Mr-important-and-famous-frowny-pants visits a special forces training competition in Russia:

haha 2:33 the Russian guy turns into the LAV with the pointing, and tells Larry to “Listen”.

LOL 2:52 – “If the operator shoots a bystander target as a punishment he must write 12 letters to his imaginary relatives” and run 3 kilometers for each hole.

This video was kind of cool.. high production value, and some Russian operators doing a few neat things.  All in all I’m liking LAVs new vids.




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LOL the range safety jokes literally write themselves:

1:19 – Dallas hey?  MrColionNoir and him should link up for some type of epic collab.

2:23 – Yeager talks about Sonny trying to take his “lead” in being the more controversial firearms instructor (duel contract, photographers downrange, talking about killing people etc..).  LOL yea shooting someone is so funny.   Sheeeeeeeeeeit.  Yeager never shot anyone as far as I know, so Sonny has him edged out in that controversial aspect.  Sonny also swings AK-47s at dudes faces, so then there’s that too. Quite the toss-up hmmmmmm.

3:48 – Sonny owned up to his “mistake”.  Cool story bro?

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldNot sure why Yeager is trying to resurrect Sonny’s career, but whatever *shrug* … good for him for trying to help a guy out I suppose if that’s what he really wants to cosign.   The video definitely means more controversy points for Yeager which equal more youtube views.

Would operate in Spetsnaz and/or mall security operations with Sonny?  Let me know in the comments.  Me?  I’ll stay alive and continue to talk shit from my keyboard drinking lux drinks, and stuffing my face with popcorn and cheetos. Which reminds me *MAHHHHHHHHHHHM MOAR CHeeeTOzzzzzzzzs!*


From an episode of his show Tac-TV.  Russians Spetsnaz are confident sons of bitches. Fueled by vodka?

The crappy old version of the video in case the new one disappears.

Holy shit that guy with the balaclava is high speed… just wait and see what I mean.

1:17 – Hmmmm so he’s putting on a vest… I wonder where this is going…

1:22 – Hmmm 2nd guy walking on to range… OH HOLY JESUS please no…

1:24 – Gun drawn and aimed at guy #1 *My mind explodes*

1:35 – Three shots from guy #2 into guy #1s chest (body armor) *The pieces of my exploded mind explode again*

2:08 – Phew… ok I thought the LAV was going to be like “Meh… good training drill for sure”, but he really doesn’t like it.

3:46 – WHHHHHHAAAAT?!?!??!

4:23 – Human obstacles?  Seriously… I just feel like I’m getting trolled at this point.  

4:47 – Nothing like another few shots next to your head.

Spetsnaz-Mission-AccomplishedPlease tell me simunition is being used in some of these drills.  I noticed some fluorescent tape on some of the slides… not all of them though.

Try as you will, you’ll never be that HSLD.  I’m surprised they don’t raise the bar a bit more and do some of these drills on a busy playground or at a trampoline park considering they are so fancy.


Hat tip: Christopher


Because last time I checked, you can’t backflip while shooting, and negligently shoot people on an empty stomach:

Spetsnaz-Breakfast-OmeletI may or may not have added “AK-47 egg frying device” to the top of my design project list. *shifty eyes*

hahah at how he eats it with a USMC KA-BAR at the end.



The video is labeled Spetsnaz anyway… Regardless of it if is them or not, it seems like their type of deal:

Dismounting by doing flips… sure why not?  There’s a lot of that.

1:20 – This blew my mind… forward flips while shooting?!  WTF is this, Contra?

1:43 – more flip-shooting LOL nice work buddy…

1:54 – Damn that’s gotta be hard on the back

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldIs this what it takes to impress Russian girls?  

Or are Russian foes that hard to confuse / kill that they have to fight so fancy?  Maybe the strategy is to get the enemy uncontrollably laughing by doing this ridiculous shit?



A holster idea a one-product Spanish company thinks is so innovative, they named their company Eureka:


Let me just put it out there that I see absolutely no reason for anyone to carry a modern handgun without one in the chamber.

+1 for the good looking Spanish product rep / police officer, even though she obviously shoots like a total newb judging by the video.

-1 for the lame motorcycle drive-by shooting

This video gives you a better look at how the holster operates with different brands of handguns:

  • 2:04 – Oh LAWD.. did he just eject a live round with his entire hand in front of the barrel?  I sure hope that was a snap cap or an inert round; bad practice though either way.
  • 2:45 – Again… Sure doesn’t look like a snap cap.  Only hope now is an inert round.
  • 3:12 – Primer missing… I can rest easy.  (hahah I was actually going to delete these last 3 lines once I saw this, but I figured one of you guys would freak out in the comments too)

You might remember that the Russians have a similar holster for their Makarov pistols (Because the spetsnaz are obviously also so damn high-speed).  Theirs though you can push the gun straight through, unlike this Spanish one where you have to push down to load the firearm, then yank back up on it to get it out of the holster.  My guess is the “innovation” in this Spanish one which they think is patentable is that aspect alone.

In addition, what an absolutely excruciating logo they have (pictured right). LOL a glowing brain inside a globe, with blue lightening coming out of it.  ROFL I couldn’t even make stuff like that up.  I think I threw up a bit in my mouth.

Head over to Eureka’s website for the more pictures and info.