He should rename his site from Gospel Of Violence to Gospel Of Negligence:

In my post yesterday about the cover-up surrounding this incident I didn’t want to name names, but I can post this now because the information is verified (ridiculous registration needed to read full article).

Unknown to him [Sonny Puzikas], one of his instructors was still inside when he opened fire with a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, striking unaware instructor in the hand and twice in the abdomen.

Wow and to think Sonny Puzikas wasn’t the beacon of safety I thought he was.  I’m… I’m…. shocked….

^^^ That was sarcasm if you didn’t pick up on it.

It seems like almost every time I make fun of  a “systema” or Spetsnaz video it gets removed.  Here are a few examples I can remember:

  1. Dark shoot house ventilator himself Sonny Puzikas’ buddies at the Panty-oh production company got butthurt when I judged their promotional video a bit too harshly.  They removed the parts I made fun of and re-released the video.  That screen capture (which I also used in this post) is forever though.
  2. Training For War Laying Down And Acting Like A Weirdo – Touted as high level training for Special Ops, Military, and LE.  I guess they couldn’t take the heat, cause that video was removed as well shortly after I posted it.
  3. Entertaining Pistol Training Exercises – Where some Russian Spetsnaz guys did some high speed stuff you could only dream of.  Yea it disappeared too.

If those guys are as high speed as they act, why would they give a shit what some guy with a blog thinks about what they are doing?  Funny stuff…

I’ll stress again the importance of saving retarded gun related videos you come across.  If you don’t this is what happens; future generations won’t get to enjoy the fail we have seen.


Hat tip: Kevin, Chris


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A ballet for men is a ballet with Tanks. “The Invincible and the Legendary,” a theatrical performance directed by the president of the national ballet academia (which includes the world-famous Bolshoi Theater), debuted at The First International Forum Engineering Technologies 2010. It featured “dancing” tanks in a coordinated, and often, bizarre display.

Full story on Popular Mechanics’ website – HERE

Pretty cool.  Serious lack of explosions though, so I lost interest at about the one minute mark.

Needs more BOOMSTICK!


The previous post on the Spetsnaz BOOMSTICK reminded me of a hilarious de-motivational posted I had saved from a while back:



LOL @ 13 seconds.

Seriously, what is that? and where can I buy one?

I wonder if the Russians use challenge coins or draw straws to figure out who is going to be BOOMSTICK man?

Seems like some awful realistic training with metal and glass flying everywhere.  I wonder how many guys get injured during ops like that?


Cirque Du Spetsnaz or “Systema” as they like to call it.

Pistol Acrobatics:
[youtube width=”320″ height=”265″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYskRZ2TvEM[/youtube]
Rifle Acrobatics:
[youtube width=”320″ height=”265″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Mp_UvbfTY[/youtube]

If you are seriously ever in a 360° battle zone, id suggest finding cover ASAP. Spinning around on the ground only works in movies.

Muzzle Sweeping Las Vegas by storm in 2011! :P

Hat Tip: Raph84 for finding the videos



You gotta love the transitions from standing to prone, and the awesome forward and lateral rolls.   This whole video reminds me of Ice Capades.

The tags in the video suggest that its Russian Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) training.  Those guys definitely have some interesting methods, to say the least.

One thing I found very odd was the opening scene when the shooter has their finger on the trigger during the magazine change.  Then proceeds to rack the slide with their finger still on the trigger.