Even though it didn’t work.  This was worth a shot:

Joerg is crazy with these new designs!  Yea the fake “rifling” by spinning the knife was worth a try… probably need to spin it faster and more even along it’s flight up the barrel though like he mentioned.

Joerg-SpraveI know I’ve said it a few times in the past, but if this guy were to take some of his coolest designs to market in the US I bet they would sell like hotcakes.

Joerg did another video recently called “Can Germans Have guns?” where he shows his collection and talks about German gun laws.  Some of you might be interested in taking a look.  I had no idea he was so into guns… at 2:14 when he’s talking about licenses he casually mentions that he has 34.


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I wouldn’t recommend trying this, but the results are pretty awesome:

Check out the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foZlciP6gUQ

(What’s the point of disabling embedding?! … that’s the 2nd one in a row today that I couldn’t embed)



With a little discipline and practice with a rifle, this bear could hold his own in a U.S. Army drill team.

Animals are sure amazing.