I knew that was going to be good when it started with him fake-clearing his ALpHa throat and addressing the SnOwfLaKeS:

Whoever writes the script for these ads needs to start writing sheepdog fan fiction cringe for me.

I’m still not entirely sure why this pistol needs to exist.  Do people need their AR-10 to say “SAINT” on the side of it?  Unless you’re wearing this for protection at church and want to make the snack ladies giggle (I was trying to think of another church term but couldn’t… choir ladies maybe?) then I don’t really see why you’d want that word on a gun.

Thoughts?  Looking at the comments of the YouTube video, you’d think Springfield invented ARs chambered in 308.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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If you don’t protect the flock KEEP SCROLLING BUDDY.  Don’t hit play:

haha this is pretty good, like OG mattv2099 style.  I don’t want to spoil the jokes by time stamping them and writing them out to then in turn but the standard “LOL toooooo good” beside it, so just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Gat tip: Will, who in the email said “my friend showed me this video”… a classic line said by those sending in their own content.  I’m perfectly fine with that btw, you just should own it when it’s that good.  A classic ENDO story is that NOIR did the same thing to me when he started making videos…. I’m talking like way wayyy back when I was parent’s basement living and we both had better hairlines and less stress.  Next time I’m at my parent’s house *implying I don’t still live there* I should fire up that OLD pc, load up gmail classic and burn that email for a few days into an old LCD monitor that’s kicking around then get him to sign it and co-auction it with him on eBay for charity; to maybe to send a Sheepdog and his family to Disneyland.



A mini 1911 they call the 911.  Ok…

0:24 – Pelican didn’t cut the MFin check, so that’s what happens… they get scratched out.  haha sorry about the link… after I did it I was like “Man this is some thefirearmblog bullshit I’m on right now”, but rather than delete it as I normally would I figured it leave it up and show the thought process.

1:09 – If someone asks you about your subcompact 1911 you have to be like “Um sorry sweAtie it’s hypercompact, do your googles.”

1:32 – Aw man I heard “And an extended magazine for…” and I gasped until they said it only added an additional round.  Don’t even talk to me unless your company is making 30+ rounders.

1:41 – “Carry… for life” It’s not the worst motto I’ve heard honestly.

Since both of these ads aren’t all that interesting you get 2 for the price 1 in this post:

I never did like the “Saint” moniker and the massive lower receiver engraving, but whatever as usual (and rightfully so) no one cares what I think.  Since I first said that I didn’t like it, Springfield probably made a bajillion dollars off it.

0:04 – You just gonna sit at your keyboards and let Springfield talk shit to you about your AR is probably shitty and collecting dust in a safe?  That got me riled up.

1:10 – “Never a victim.  Always a victor.”  Bruh…

These commercials were pretty tame compared to the first two I made fun of.

Thoughts?  Should I invest in Aluminum, or short sell AR-15 stock?  Probably short sell both, because I did the math and by my calculations 82.52% of Aluminum that is produced in the world goes into making AR-15 receivers… so when one market crashes it will take the other with it.  *laughs in duffle bags full of million$*


C O N T E N T.  First the 1 minute long trailer for the most boring video on the planet:

Now, the most boring video on the planet.  Strap in for an excruciating three hour ride:

Rule #1 of having a YouTube channel plus a large company like Springfield is you GOTTA CREATE CONTENT.  There are no rules to what the content actually has to be, just know that it MUST be created.

Normally I’m 100% anti-gunbunny, but this is one of those rare occasions that they could have actually benefited from using a few just to spice things up a bit.  I’d love to see the analytics for this video… my guess is exactly zero people watched more than the first few minutes, then just clicked around a couple times before getting incredibly bored and leaving with not so much as a “HeLL ya BRuThEr” left in the comments.

Oh wow it didn’t fail using 10k of Federal Premium Hydra-Shok GUCCI ammo. At an approximate cost of $1.25 per round that’s $12500 worth of ammo 😭😂 You can read more about the test at that link. I wish they would have used 10k of some “EVERYMAN’s AMMO” I’m talking the $0.30 per round type.

If you guys need me I’ll be DEFENDING MY LEGACY…….. with a Glock 17 😏.  HAD 👏 TO 👏 DO IT TO EM.




Is it just me, or does it look like a Springfield version of a Hi-Point?

0:41 – LOL the “GRIP ZONE” label is so priceless.

The MSRP of the XD-E is $520

So what do you say fellas? You buying one of these reinvented “tools” to put in your “toolbox”?  Is Springfield on your shitlist after “Springfield Gate” (2017), or did that all get successfully swept under the rug / out of your mind?


With a shitty new vinyl wall cling depicting one of their firearms:

These things are terrible for so many reasons.  First of all, their firearms in stock configurations are boring as hell.  Secondly, using isometric views for this purpose just looks queer.  My tertiary concern is that you are essentially putting a 2 foot sticker on your wall.  I’m not saying everyone’s house has to look like something out of the pages of Architectural Digest, but for god’s sake have some dignity.

If you have no respect for the aesthetics of a particular room in your house, or the feelings of your significant other then head over to the Springfield Armory website and drop $30 on one of these 2 ft. monstrosities.

And no I wouldn’t be on board if Glock did the same thing with vinyl clings.


Hat tip: Sarah