This is slick:

I’m impressed.  The design seems very simple too which is a plus.

Guns that fire from within briefcases are still cooler… but the one in the post is a close second.



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The spy oxygen thief herself at Moscow’s fashion week:

I absolutely DESPISE this chick… as far as I’m concerned she basically embodies the Russian equivalent of Jersey Shore.

She should have done some spying on how to properly respect a gun when she was in the U.S. Smooth work on dropping it at the starting of the video too *facepalm*

Success on the title btw! .. I’ve been wanting to use the word Tomfoolery for a while.


Just my luck as a CIA agent I’d be the the middle of an OP, and my underwear would start riding up.  I’d go to adjust it and BLAM! shoot myself in the junk and blow my cover.

You can check out some other cool weapons and gear the CIA used – HERE


This is priceless:

Muzzle Velocity: 4700 sq. ft …. or 4700 ft./min (so 78 ft./sec?  LOLOL )

Range: Approximately 8000 Yards (IF you have the spy scope… but we can’t see it because it’s against national policy)

That guy is one of the best trolls I’ve seen in a long time. Something tells me he might actually believe what he is saying though… which is kind of scary.


The craft, dubbed the Bavar 2, is armed with a machine gun and carries surveillance cameras.

Source – CNN

There isn’t much more info about this. I’m curious what machine gun they are using though.

The design (although functional) looks pretty oldschool.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the color scheme either… they should have went with matte black.



Looks like it could be alright.  Nice and topical too considering the recent female Russian spy (Anna Chapman) who was recently busted in New York.

Good choice of handgun with the compact glock :P (as seen on the movie website):

I can’t decide if Angelina Jolie looks better with Blond hair or not.

It’s in theaters now.

Movie website – HERE

IMDB page – HERE