All center of mass shots:

5.56 ($10,000) and 7.62 ($16,000) versions.  LOL @ three center of mass 752 yard shots in a row… incredible.  As it says at the end of the video, the odds of an actual sniper doing that according to the Army’s own data is 1 in 37,037.

As usual there are a few comments which are mind-bogglingly stupid.  Here’s my favorite:

“Way to make killing a game. Nice job! Lawsuits will be headed your way I’m sure.” -Adam Smith

TrackingPoint-LogoWow cool story Adam.  Oh and in conclusion SQUAAAAAAA aye.. ayyye.


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Orlando, FL – Waterbridge Elementary school was less than 100 yards away from the strangely-placed toy. The scene took on an almost comical tone as a real bomb robot faced off against what turned out to be a Hasbro toy robot called Butterscotch that sells for about $350.

Full story – HERE

The detonation of the pony is at 56 seconds! ( It felt wrong to type that LOL )


  • The upper receiver is a modified AR-15 upper that will feed with standard SAW M249 links
  • The lower and bolt carrier are stock with only a clearance cut added
  • Every other aspect of the gun is standard AR-15

I have no idea if they are for sale.  My guess is that if the price was right (under $300), they would fly off the shelves.  I even think people with regular semi auto AR-15s would buy them for kicks.

Hat Tip: Marooned



M249 SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon


H&K IAR - Infantry Automatic Rifle

Pretty huge news… I’m not sure I really grasp the reason for the changeover though.  There is definitely a huge savings in weight… but that is definitely at the expense of magazine capacity.  I wonder how soldiers will feel about this?  I understand that not ALL of the SAWs are being replaced, but for the ones that are, it seems like 30 rounds in a mag would not go over well for a SAW gunner used to having a 200 round drum.

A lot more info on the specifics of the IAR and the other rifles it was up against over at MarineCorpsTimes – HERE



Yes, thats a Ruger 10/22 inside there!  If nothing else, this would definitely turn some heads at the range.

There are two different stock options.. one with the fixed stock (shown above) and the para collapsible stock (shown below)


  • Main Body Construction: Metal.

  • Carrying handle: Polymer.

  • Heat Shield: top barrel heat shield/ vent.

  • Front carry handle: 3 position selection lock.

  • Bi Pod: Made of steel & 3 position height adj.

  • Front sight post: Adjustable up & down.

  • Back sights: fully adjustable.


Price – $420 with free shipping (Ruger 10/22 not included)

Available at Tactical Image Guys – HERE