Luckily deemed by the ATF not to be a buttstock, so it won’t turn your AR-15 Pistol into an SBR:

$140 over at Sig Sauer.

0:49 – The baby powder is what you put on your hand so it leaves an imprint on their face when you pimp slapI suggest pimp slapping anyone who makes a snide remark about your brace, or anyone who happens to muzzle sweep you that day.

You might remember when I first posted about a rough prototype of this which an member invented.  I’m really happy someone brought this to market and is helping out disabled veterans in the process by donating part of the proceeds to Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).  Am I the only one who doesn’t like the word “portion”?  Like just come out and say it… are you donating pennies from every sale or are you donating a large percentage of the profit?  It makes huge difference in my mind, how much I end up caring about the gesture.  Being the pessimistic person I am, not knowing the percentage makes my care level initially very low.

No official word on if all girls will need to lean back using this… or if it’s just a persistent issue for the girl in the video:



Am I the only one that wants to see auto fire dual wield videos with these things?

Thoughts? Learn something about powdering from this post today, and fixing to try it out this weekend?