stained glass

From Artist Alexander Mijares “Make Art Not War” series *insert eye roll at series name*:

They start off as CNC cut aluminum blanks and Alexander paints what you see on by hand:

It’s pretty much a given that I’ll shit on any and every art project someone sends me a link to.  For one, this Alexander Mijares guy calls himself a professional artist and obviously makes a living off of what he does.  Bottom line is I could do this (and most of the other “art” I post about), and I just might do it for personal satisfaction.  Secondly, I get the whole concept of taking “artistic licences” when representing something.  I didn’t need this AR-15 based rifle to be a carbon copy of an actual rifle, but seriously the proportions are way off!  Why is the barrel nut way behind with the delta ring?  Why is the magazine retardedly shaped?  Why is the barrel profile on a diet? I could go on and on.  Maybe he wanted it that way, but my guess is he knows nothing about firearms and googled “assault rifle” and took the first picture of some airsoft bastardization and made that his model.  That’s Ok too though… he hangs out with good looking girls (see his facebook page), likely drinks for free and eats some stinky cheese on the reg, so all in all it looks like a pretty good life.

Visit the artist Alexander Mijares‘ website for more info.


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Yes that’s a poppy in the barrel.  What’s the name the artist gave the piece you ask?  “The End Of The Revolution” *insert dry heave here*

And the deep philisophical statement to go along with it?

“To me this piece this breaks a few paradigms. Stained glass, an AK47 and poppy flower together make for a unique effect, with almost religious undertones that are directed towards both war and peace.”

LOL.  Regardless of the predictability of the name and statement, it definitely 1ups the previous stained glass AR-15 I posted about.

Source – Shanti1971 on DeviantArt



The proportions are off… but his defiance of mainstream stained glass patterns is inspirational. I bet his wife rolled her eyes haha.

He should have added a stained glass Jesus in there for more LOLz though.

While searching to see if any other stained glass guns existed, I came across a mockup of an AK-47 window would would be real badass if brought to life: