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Posted for no other reason than to point out how retarded “DESERT EAGLE 1911 G” looks on the side of it.  If you own this your life is probably like “fuggitabout it and get out of my way bRAH.  I’m on a mission to pick up more whey before I hit the gym, perfect the mirror flex selfie, pick out a couple new button-ups at Abercrombie, wear a notch hat with mirror tint white Oakley gascan sunglasses, and disrespect women.”  Pure obnoxious douchebaggery.  The fact anyone would pay anywhere near the MSRP of $900 for this thing absolutely blows my mind.

Magnum Research doesn’t do this to all their handguns, but they definitely do it to some of them.  Thank god they’ve stayed away from the actual Desert Eagle Mark XIX line so far.



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