Star Wars

*insert predictable WHO SHOT FIRST joke here*

Pretty sick!  Looks like whoever did this 3d printed (or cast) then melted Han Solo to the grip.

I’d love to link to whoever did this, but naturally since this is the internet people just steal stuff and don’t source it.  The only possible explanation I have, is that people some how thinks it gives them more “clout” if they don’t put the source. DERPddit is especially bad for that… plus when you’re in moms basement you LIVE off pizza rolls and clout.  Ask me how I know.

*insert Star Trek joke to really trigger some people*


Gat tip: Maison


You already knew.  Here’s a compilation:

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hahaha damn.


Jerry with the converted c96 Mauser:

StarWarsReally neat slo-mo footage in this.  The Mauser is one of a kind.

If you’re a Star Wars nerd and are looking for more blaster related content, make sure to check out when Adam Savage from Mythbusters built one.



Richard Ryan carves a Death Star pumpkin, then destroys it with his Barrett:

My buddy Richard, the squire of Barrettville strikes again!  I will NEVER get sick of seeing explosions and destruction happen at 30,000 FPS.  What a solid investment that camera was for him, wow… especially since he knows how to use it so well.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtI wonder if he had a little pumpkin seed carved Captain Kirk on board the Death Star pumpkin?   LOL I know I trolled so many of you Star Wars / Star Trek nerds that read the title and were furious I mixed up my Star ____ shows.  Gotcha!  Happy Halloween… wildcard bitches YEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW. ;)



Star Wars nerds will probably shit a brick over this:


Cool I guess… unless you’re a hardcore Boba Fett fanboy though it just looks like you gave a two year old some paint and the Glock.

GOE Gun Works, who coincidentally have one of the most terrible sites I’ve ever seen can paint one like it for you.  I’m assuming they can anyway… It’s in their “gallery”.

Can you imagine all the girls who would bother you for your autograph if you walked around with a Boba Fett Glock in this Boba Fett kydex holster?  It would be out of hand.



PHLster delivers with another Star Wars nerd kydex gem:

Han-Solo-Blaster-Kydex-Glock-HolsterSuch great work.  Unfortunately for those of you who want one, it’s a one of one.  However, it’s currently being auctioned off on ebay, with 25% of the final sale price being donated to the MARSOC Foundation.  Just remember it only fits the G19/G23 compact model Glocks.

Those of you might remember PHLster from the Star Wars Yoda Kydex Holster I posted a while back.

Now that I see this… the possibilities for troll kydex holsters are endless. I’m thinking next up a Glock blunderbuss holster!