Corridor Digital does it:

Entertaining if StarWars is your thing.  I never got into all those new shows and movies, but remembered liking the original few back in the day.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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OOOOOooooo yea:

Jim-Croce-OperatorSo operator it hurts.  They should have cut something in half with it for freedom.

Gat tip: Marcel


PHLster delivers with another Star Wars nerd kydex gem:

Han-Solo-Blaster-Kydex-Glock-HolsterSuch great work.  Unfortunately for those of you who want one, it’s a one of one.  However, it’s currently being auctioned off on ebay, with 25% of the final sale price being donated to the MARSOC Foundation.  Just remember it only fits the G19/G23 compact model Glocks.

Those of you might remember PHLster from the Star Wars Yoda Kydex Holster I posted a while back.

Now that I see this… the possibilities for troll kydex holsters are endless. I’m thinking next up a Glock blunderbuss holster!



Since I’m not a Star Wars nerd I thought this was going to be boring, but it’s actually quite interesting:

Incredible attention to detail.  As they mention in the video, there is a whole thread on a fan forum called Replica Prop Forum (RPF) which is dedicated to researching the detail of the Han Solo blaster and sourcing all the components.

StarWarsThere is a huge article over at Tested detailing the story of how fans recreated the original blaster down to the last detail.

I would have preferred them to build this on a real Mauser C96, but this is still quite cool.  Quite the workshop they have there! MYTH: BUSTED! uh wait.. there wasn’t a myth.



It’s all fun and games until they start shooting back with the blasters and laser cannons, and the stormtroopers start pouring out.

Hope our guys have armor piercing bullets. :P