I saw today that I received numerous emails, and messages on the previous post asking what I was up to, and how I was doing.  I didn’t think anyone would care what I was up to if it was non gun related,  but now I see that some of you do. If I am ever not going to be blogging for days at a time i’ll post a short note just so you know I’m not dead.

Thanks a lot for your concern.  I had no idea anyone would even notice my absence.

I had to laugh at AntiBubba’s comment in the previous post:

To keep things legal, you should change this blog’s name to “Every Day, One Week Off”

Initially I planned to blog off of my netbook, but In a embarrassing rookie mistake I decided to torrent a TV show (which I don’t normally do outside of a virtual machine) and managed to get a virus. To make it even more embarrassing and textbook rookie, it was one of those fake windows update type ones.  Yea I clicked it LOL.  I keep telling myself that I might have already had the virus at that point, before I actually clicked “update”, and that the official look of it was just to fool n00bs.

As the title of the post says, I am currently in Hood River, Oregon. Let me tell you, google street view does NOT do this place (and many other places) justice.  Besides the fact that it is insanely beautiful, there are also basically no bugs, the weather is perfect (right now anyway) and I’ve been told that in winter, when it does snow it’s gone in an hour or two.  House and condo prices are surprisingly reasonable.  I am considering a move.  The gun laws here appear to be good too… Open and concealed carry are permitted (with some restrictions) and as far as I can tell there are no NFA items that are not allowed, so that is always nice.

For those that have never been to Hood River, you can see Mount Adams from pretty much everywhere.  Behind the town is Mount Hood (which is equally as impressive) and you can see it plain as day once you are higher up.  I am staying at my sister’s place, and I can see Mount Adams all the time from the front two levels, and the top of mount hood from the rear 2nd level.

This was my  view of Mount Adams yesterday morning:

Thanks again for the concern guys. I don’t know how long i’ll be here for yet, but i’ll be back to blogging full force when I do return home.  I haven’t even looked at one gun related thing since I got here, so I’ll have tons of catching up to do.  I might even knock off a post or two here once I get my own netbook back in working order. I’m just about to head out to Multnomah falls for a hike.  I’ll reply to your emails and commments soon.

Take care,



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