Hey Steampunk nerds… heads up:


Caleb from Gun Nuts has his tactical panties in a bunch about it…. I on the other hand think it’s pretty cool.  By no means would I ever want to own this think, but if I saw someone with it at the range I’d definitely want to talk to them and take another look.  Well… depends on how invested in the whole Steampunk life they are.  If the owner was wearing a copper monocole, wooden arm brace, steaming top hat with gears on it I’d probably just quietly snap a creepy smartphone pic then slink out.

Bonus points for the retro loudener and gas pressure gauges.  That extra tank to adjust gas pressure is v crucial too.

UPDATE: A thread about the build on

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


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60 lbs. 7 rotating barrels. Based off the Ruger 10/22:

shooting-targetLOL a dry ice / water boiler for the simulated steam.  Needs MOAR wood and leather!  I’ll admit the copper and brass does looks pretty badass though.  I don’t know what I was expecting, because I found the video to be quite anticlimactic.  Cool toy with a lot of work put into it though.



Terrifying! I’m going to lock my ammo room tonight just in case.

Some more pics of these and others – HERE


I wouldn’t have used the term “artillery” for some steampunk revolver.. but still funny nevertheless.
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Probably a steampunk creation, but neat nevertheless:

I’d like to see the holster. :P