Gun related companies LOVE to hop on any new trend to make a buck:

ūüė¨ūüė¨ūüė¨ what you’re looking at is a steel shooting target which is $60 over at MK Machining.

Are there really people out there, who exist that are like ” *adjusts fedora* Huehehhehe tAkE My MoNey” and add a few of these to the cart?¬† That question, sadly was rhetorical.

I’m guilty of falling into the trap of posting this low hanging cringe fruit though, giving a company most if not all of you probably haven’t heard of some visibility.¬† Oh well, the world keeps turning, and it’s not taking any money out of my pocket.¬† I won’t have learned anything, and will fall back into this exact trap again almost immediately.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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hahahha that starting skit where he talks about his encounter with the cop.  Gold.

None of this is very surprising, but still cool to see there’s barely a dent made by anything except various 5.56mm and the .308. ¬†Holy that .50BMG AP round tho…

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-Switch4:34 – LOL what the hell… a skeletonized AR-15 upper? ¬†That’s the most useless / impractical Gucci firearm related thing I’ve ever seen.

6:34 – hahah the energy from the .50 BMG round is always fun to see hit something after smaller caliber rifle rounds where the stand barely moved.

Man, I sure hope Matt makes a lot of money off his YouTube channel, because he sure shoots a lot of expensive rounds.

Oh nm.. just as I wrote that I see he’s plugging a razor company at 9:18. ¬†He has been rocking that beard for a while, but I guess he could still clean up his neck line up the beard on the cheeks I suppose.




Shooting-Steel-At-Close-RangeWhat do you guys think… ¬†2 yards? ¬†Maybe 3? *SMH* ¬†Assuming that steel target is an IPSC silhouette we’re looking at ~24″ tall, so that makes the 2×4’s used for the stands about 4ft in height. ¬†If you took one and pivoted it in the ground forward I’m guessing it would come at least half way to that blue mat. ¬†Ugh even if it were a stationary target with an extreme downward angle that would be better than this. ¬†Look how it’s flapping around after each shot, like when your mom hangs your¬†jammies on the clothes line in the wind after the wash. ¬†Redic.

Like Ryo (Gat tipper) said, the shooter is real concerned about the danger of the sun’s rays. UV can be a BITCH. Lead and copper at a ~1000 fps? Meh whatevs, dude’s over it.

Thoughts?  Would live once with?

Gat tip: Ryo


Playing the Star Spangled Banner with a rifle:

LOL that’s FREEDOM / AMERICA right there. ¬†Suck on that ISIS.

I used the term “Tuned” loosely in the title. ¬†When he shot that “A” I pretentiously was like “Ew, that A is so flat…. would NOT operate with”. ¬†haha jk I didn’t, ¬†I was too in awe of what was going on but I know some people would.

Musical-Steel-TargetsCatch your boy ENDO at the range playing AC/DC THUNDERSTRUCK full speed with dual MP7s.  Reckless.

These steel targets are available at Musical Targets and range in price from $250 – $600 depending on how many notes you want.

Gat tip: Jeremy via Gizmodo


lovemywoods over at the Indiana Gun Owners forum conducted some tests, showing how back-splash and fragmentation could be deadly:

The testing rig:

Example results:

Spoiler Alert: Hardened steel (AR500) is the safest.

Check out the full thread over at INgunowners for lots of great pics and info.

Hat tip: Mike


Source – TMZ

As some of you probably know, Mel Gibson is in some hot water since his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva accused him of domestic violence. ¬†Naturally the court ordered that his weapons be confiscated…

Nice variety of guns. ¬†When I first saw the story I figured I was going to be in for some Bejeweled deagles and basterdized 1911s. Wait… the Deagle is Israeli though, Mel wouldn’t be down for that (see what I did there?).

It’s funny when the police confiscate innocuous items like carrying cases and brushes.

The best part though is that everything is Blu Steel… I immediately thought this:

I’m pretty sure I’ve referenced Zoolander a few times on this blog. If you don’t get the references please do yourself a favor and rent/buy/or watch it online for $3… it’s hilarious.