In Texas though, not in Japan as I would have initially guessed.  Ahahaha STI jokes never get old.  If the joke whizzed over your head, STI = Sexually Transmitted Infection.  Yes a very unfortunate acronym for a company of any type to have.  They probably cringed when STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) morphed into the more modern acronym STI.  Anyways if you care here’s what his STI looks like:

Meh, Gucci 1911s do absolutely nothing for me.  Especially when I see that this COSTA CARRY COMP runs $3700.  LOL hard pass.

Anyways continuing with the Costa theme.  Did you all hear about the Statue of him they unveiled in Japan? (not really, but this is funny):

Thoughts?  Would drop $3700 on the COSTA LUPUS 1911 with the tree bark grips, picatinny rail, comp and all.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Thin profile… i’d triple stack the blades for maximum awesomeness:

I’m no self defense guru, but that thing looks pretty versatile.  Dumb.. but versatile.

Available over at STI Knives.

I wonder if it comes with dance instructions?  I want to learn the dances at 0:15 and 1:13.

I’d take a 1911 knife over it any day because I’m that classy.

Any of you guys throwing money at the screen after seeing the vid? :P

Hat tip: Brad H.