Life came at him hard ūüėā.¬† I never was a stickers-on-a-vehicle kind of guy.¬† If you are you should buy all the stickers I have for sale at ENDO and put them on your vehicle ūüėŹ.¬† They are more low key at least.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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With a shitty new vinyl wall cling depicting one of their firearms:

These things are terrible for so many reasons. ¬†First of all, their firearms in stock configurations are boring as hell. ¬†Secondly, using isometric views for this purpose just looks queer. ¬†My tertiary concern is that you are¬†essentially¬†putting a 2 foot sticker on your wall. ¬†I’m not saying everyone’s house has to look like something out of the pages of¬†Architectural¬†Digest, but for god’s sake have some dignity.

If you have no respect for the aesthetics of a particular room in your house, or the feelings of your significant other then head over to the Springfield Armory website and drop $30 on one of these 2 ft. monstrosities.

And no I wouldn’t be on board if Glock did the same thing with vinyl clings.


Hat tip: Sarah


Reminiscent of the Canon AR-15 Rifle.

Hit up a streetwear shop on Wednesday looking for some new snapbacks. ¬†I asked how much the above sticker was, and the guy just gave it to me. ¬†Score!¬† I didn’t even end up buying anything, but i’ll probably go back and get a couple Penfield shirts when they get some bigger sizes in.

The design is from a skate company called The Berrics. ¬†You might remember the name from that interview they did with the kid who’s friend shot him in the face with a shotgun.


Neat Idea:

Granny doesn’t play.

You can buy them on Amazon for $5 – HERE



That kid must have ate a lot of blue Freezies! haha

You can buy Toilet Sniper in Camo for $10 or Red & White for $5.  I have no idea why the Red & White is half the price.