Notice the left ejecting Glocks:

In case you still don’t see the fuss, Glocks that eject left do not exist.   This is such a telltale sign that whoever designed these decals knows absolutely nothing about firearms.   I’ve seen mistakes such as this done on everything from print ads to t-shirts with all sorts of weapons.

I’m kind of wondering though if these decals are just made to troll.  I say this, because as you can see another hilarious part of these decals is the fact there is a grenade on them (ie. what people call Glocks because the .40s have been known to occasionally explode)

If you have a snowmobile and you want to troll peeps, head over to Gear Junkies on eBay and spend your hard earned $300.   Don’t worry if you don’t have an Arctic Cat F Series (pictured), they make the sticker kits for the Skidoo Rev XP.   If you’re still feeling left out, maybe I could interest you in a Glock troll phone decal, Glock troll guitar hero decal, Glock troll Wiimote decal… I could go on and on.

All their sad Glock troll items listed – HERE



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