Ugh this guy is still making music (if u EvEn WaNt To CaLL iT ThAt):

I remember when he first came out, everyone was like “OoooOOooO EdGy” because he said “nigga” and overtly rapped in that gravely voice about how many drugs he allegedly sold and how much dirt he did all while looking and talking like a TIER -20 piece of trash.  Anyways, the novelty quickly wore off once every song and video was similar, and the shock value of the face tattoos wore off.

Is it even still edgy when white rappers or white people in general say “nigga” in 2018?  I haven’t been keeping my ear to the streets regarding that lately.

Besides terrible music, the other crime being committed here by Stitches is wearing two different camouflage patterns.

Anyone like me in their mid 30s glad they didn’t get excessively inked up in an attempt to distract people from their shitty personality?  I feel like the only thing I missed out on is telling people with a straight face “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”.  I would also do the classic maneuver of pretending I didn’t like to be asked about my tattoos, but secretly loving it when people did ask.  “Oh this sheepdog with a punisher logo face all breaking through the top later of a pie crust with III% artfully cut into it?  How much time do you got babe, want to get a drink?  *said while trying to make the bicep flex I’m doing look effortless, and more like part of a yawn/stretch*.


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A lesson in concealed gut carry:

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Thanks a lot to everyone who sent a picture and/or video of that in.  You guys really know ENDO material when you see it haha.

I guess they were hanging out to film this music video together.  A couple guns in it, but ultimately not worth the watch.

Thoughts?  Would operate with these ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment?


Phillip Katsabanis, whose stage name is Stitches, was stopped Wednesday after his Porsche was seen in a handicapped space without a permit outside a Whole Foods supermarket in Miami Beach.

A Miami Beach police officer found a 9 mm Glock handgun inside the vehicle after Katsabanis denied having any firearms. Police also found a jar of mariuana in the car.  Katsabanis was charged with having a concealed firearm along with two additional drug charges.

Full story at ABC10 Miami.

Whoa really?  I would have never guessed this guy was into anything illegal.  hahah he has taken so many Ls in the past couple years.  I love how it says he “apologized” for not mentioning the gun.  What a sweet boy to apologize like that hahaha.

Stitches, A whole foods, a handicapped spot is almost as amazing as when Fabio got smoked by a goose (which bust his nose) when he was riding a roller coaster.

Thoughts?  #FREEPHILLIP? haha as Sean said “The firearms community and Tapco customer base have both suffered a great loss this day”

If you’re unfamiliar with Stitches’ shenanigans you can see my past posts here.

Gat tip: Chris, Manuel, Sean


*smh* this guy:

Stitches-RapperI wonder why at the start it shows him getting makeup to conceal his ridiculous face tattoos which he goes without for the entire video?  This is interesting mostly because the song title is “I’m crazy”.  His face tattoos make him look WAYYYYYYY crazier.  Without the tattoos he looks like a large 12 year old, who’s man hobbies are smoking cigarettes and giving wedgies to the nerds.   The upside is he could at least get that coveted job at Mc Donalds, and probably even at least part of his allowance back.

2:11 – At the end he wipes the face makeup off.  Annnnnnnnnd we’re back.

That AR-15 isn’t nearly as terrible as it could be, compared to what we have seen from him before.  He even rocks flip up sights (Magpul perhaps?) co-witnessed with some sort of red dot.  I’m surprised the concept of the co-witness reached his demographic. #ReadsENDOonce?


Gat tip: Jim


*smh* this guy:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeWhen I saw the title of this song, I knew it was going to be lyrically complex.  It didn’t disappoint hahah.

Even though Stitches has the bad lyrics, an abrasive voice, and questionable flow… his songs are somewhat catchy.  His face and hair is like a trainwreck which you can’t look away from too.

Trigger discipline 100.  #ReadENDOonce  I still laugh about how how hard he trolled with the Sig Sauer SB-15. #NeverShoulderNeverForget

Thoughts? You going to wild out and bump this in the Camry with your white friends, then sheepishly turn it down when you think it might offend someone?



0:11 – Stitches mixing that dirty Jones.  *AK brrrrrrrrrr sounds effect plays in background*

0:15 – Ugh this dude is nightmare fuel

0:18 – Yesssss his AK makes it’s first appearance.

0:33 – Stellar muzzle control as always

0:51 – Looks like his buddy has a MAC-10

1:15 – Good trigger discipline for real!  I’m actually impressed *reads ENDO once*

1:30 – “Now that boy say he got a problem / I got an AK-47 Imma solve it *BRRrrrrrrrrrrrr*”

2:02 – Very casual with the MAC.  I find the best place when to keep a MAC-10 when you’re expressing yourself is on your shoulder, so I can relate.

2:48 – Revolver time.  Some empty chambers in the cylinder at least for safety.

All in all this video disappointed as far as derp goes.  The song as sort of catchy, but I won’t listen to it again.

I’m cleaning my ears with some Post Malone currently:

Stitches-RapperOhhh yea.