This is amazing:

K… guys… 7 seconds in and we see the first bit of pure gold…. The guy is running a Sig Sauer SB15 “arm brace” on that AK ahhahah. #NeverShoulderNeverForget am I right?

0:18 – DJ PAUL!  Yesssss.  If you didn’t ride around listening to Three Six Mafia in the mid 90s you just weren’t as cool as you could have / should have been.

0:24 – Shoulder contact with the SB15?  Inconclusive, I’ll keep you posted though.

1:03 – Hmmmmm I’m 99% sure that made contact.  His lawyer will argue “Your honor, I assure you it just came in contact with my client Mr Deuce Uno’s t-shirt.  Mr Deuce Uno is an upstanding member of the community, a father of six, and a church going man… he would NEVER.  This is a man that lives by codes your honor.  Never Shoulder Never Forget is something he recites to himself daily when he leaves the house with the choppa.”

1:18 – Stitches is avoiding fully shouldering it too… these guys are either getting lucky or else know what they are doing and are trolling the gun community and me right now.

Stitches-Rapper2:02 – LOL DJ Paul rocking the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun.

Normally I’d talk shit about a Stitches track because he’s usually just cookie monster yelling over a weak beat… DJ Paul blessed this one though.  I bookmarked it to listen to again.

Thoughts?  Do you think they avoided the shouldering on purpose?  Maybe they #ReadENDOonce? haha


Even the title of this video is eyeroll / yawn city:

Wow right out of the gate we’re off to a nice “controversial” start.

I’m honestly surprised YouTube is allowing them to host the video there, and that it wasn’t classified as “hateful” or something.  Maybe Stitches’ manager had to call up youtube with a definition of the word, so he’d get a pass.

I can appreciate Stitches’ love for the 2nd Amendment, but he really should mellow out a bit.

3:07 – Dat Koopa backpack tho…

3:10 – I have to give it up to Stitches for this one — The Century Arms Centurion C39 AK Pistol… milled receiver, nice 100% USA made:


He’s come a long way from that Tapco-fucked SKS he called an AK-47 in his early vids.

Centurion-C39-AK-PistolIs it possible this is all theatrics, and Stitches is an avid / responsible shooter?  Have you seen him volunteering to pick up brass and help clean up at your local range?

Thoughts?  Where is stitches going to push the boundary next?  Unless he does a song in black face while trolling law enforcement, I can’t see it getting much more controversial than what he’s already done.

Gat tip: James


Autotune, drug talk, disliking of police, mimicking AK-47 shooting… this video has it all:

Due to stereotypes which still exist in 2015 I’m surprised he can even walk around anywhere without being harassed by the police, much less board an actual plane without getting the interior of his colon examined, interrogated for 2 hours, and all his bags swabbed and x-rayed twice.

2:46 – Says he’ll shoot you with his AK (whatever)

2:53 – Lets that AK rip.

2:56 – Lets the AK rip again.

Stitches-Rapper2:59 – Oh cool a 3rd time he lets it rip!

3:01 – Hmmm 4th time to let that AK rip… this is getting old Stitches.  Ok that was a longer one with a little girl scream at the end, so definitely worth the wait of the first 3 AK rips.  I’m a happy customer.

If you want to see some other classic vids from our favorite pro-gun white rapper check the link.

Thoughts?  Would rip AK-47s with?


Gunwebsites has lots of guns and accessories to show off… here’s extendos on everything:

Stitches-RapperNo reason not to own extendos.  A couple reasons not to carry them.

Probably one of the funniest things I remember from Instagram was that PHLster made up an actual kydex extendo holster for Stitches to make fun of him for the “BITCH I GOT EXTENDOS” line in his rap video.



About making $100M by importing cocaine and flipping it on the streets:

AK without a stock, M&P Bodyguard .380, a Mossberg pump shotgun with picatinny rails on the forend, some sort of little revolver at the end.

As usual the rhymes are extremely complex, and have many levels to them.

Stitches-RapperI bet Amazon and FedEx are so thrilled they got product placement for free!  Something tells me Stitches will get blessed with free Amazon Prime for life for this one.  Jeff Bezos is probably in the process of getting his people to set up a lunch date with Stitches to talk cocaine market expansion, and how the Amazon business model, warehousing, and drop shipping could help his business in both foreign and domestic markets, and increase customer retention / streamline customer acquisition.

2:54 – DAT TRIGGER DISCIPLINE THO.  Nice to see… safety first boys.



Holy, like 10 seconds into the song and I felt like I had glass shards, Tabasco sauce, and angry fire ants passing through my colon… Stitches has the roughest voice in the game right now.

Richie Stackin looking like he ducked his teenage mom at the park while she was off smoking Newports, then quickly met up with Stitches on the low to record this video.  He was back on the monkey bars before she even cared to look again.  Oh well at least she’ll be proud when she sees the video.  Wait did I just talk shit about Richie Stackin?  Does that mean I’m Bitchmade?  I guess so… damn!

Is that Smart car in the back owned by a member of their entourage?  If so, that’s ill.

2:23 – “I’m in love with my rifle”.  The tapcofucked SKS (AK-47 he calls it) from his previous video?  Right on!  I love hearing pro-gun raps.  As he says earlier, his best friend is his strap (gun)… mess with him you get clapped (shot).  Real talk.

Stitches-RapperInitially I thought his necklace was a gold shell casing, but I realized it actually looks like a gold Bic pen lid.


Hat tip: Jim