The gun store guys put together one with parts you can find at any hardware store:

Testing it out:

Wow, that works really well.  I’ve seen bumpfire stocks people have made in the past, but they all looked pretty unsafe to me.  This one looks a lot safer since the bump shaft is metal and secured on really well.  The one thing A person could probably do to make it safer would be to put an endcap on the end of that bump shaft so you couldn’t loose control and have the glock slip off.



A new feature available over at ENDO Apparel:

It’s just what it looks like… that form will appear under the normal ordering portion of a shirt page when one or more sizes are out of stock.  You can enter your email address, select the size you want and click notify and i’ll drop you an email when I get it back in stock.

If you’re one of the many people that emailed me before today, you don’t need to sign up for notification on the shirt(s) you emailed me about so don’t worry. I’ll contact you like I said I would.

As always, I never do anything diabolical with the email addresses… they are used for only what you sign up for, and in this case it’s a one time notification.

As always, keep an eye on ENDO Apparel for new gun releated t-shirts… i’ll continue to come out with new designs while trying my best to keep the existing ones in stock!

Thanks for everything,


What not to do if you have a stuck case in your AR-15:

My accident during a live fire drill at the range last week. My finger was crushed and stuck between a broken Magpul CTR stock and the Magpul ASAP sling attachment point.

I learned a number things from this video:

  1. To be an operator you need to swear… LOTS
  2. Always blame your equipment, never yourself (the operator)
  3. No pain no gain
  4. Full tattoo sleeves give you automatic shooting range and operator cred
  5. Name your rifle, then call it a bitch when it doesn’t perform

If you’re going to try and clear a stuck case with a collapsible stock, it’s probably best to collapse it FIRST and then hammer it on the ground.  I’m no operator but I have nothing but good things to say about my Magpul CTR.


Utilizing the SSAR-15’s revolutionary “Slide Stock” technology and ergonomic design – individuals are now able to Bump Fire while securely holding the firearm.

Looks a lot easier to control and aim than conventional bumpfire methods.

Could they have made it any more basic looking? I can’t help but think that this is some sort of ATF honeypot, considering they seem to have approved it without any fuss.

If you want one, they are $320 at Slide Fire solutions – HERE

God forbid we would be in possession of shoestrings instead.


It’s that time of year again…

For the bi-annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in West Point, KY. Held this year on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of April.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Machine gun shoot, it is legendary for so many reasons. One being the “Night Shoot”:


A search for “knob creek” on youtube will yield hundreds of other epic videos.

My Glock Stock Adapter will be represented there this year, and be in action at position #20 on dual G18 Glocks in the center of the main firing line.

Unfortunately I won’t personally be there. But, I will be posting videos and pictures sometime after the weekend.

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Website – HERE

I think it’s safe to say that the $10 admission would be money well spent.


It’s hard to tell whether or not this picture is authentic because the quality is so low, but regardless its funny.

Just when I thought the AK couldn’t get any more versatile! :D