Done for a Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis project:

Who says you’ll have no marketable skills to land a job with a Fine Arts degree?  Hogwash I say *adjusts monocle*. :P

Grandmas everywhere are hatin’ on his skillz.

More pics on the artist Monte A. Smith’s Flickr page – HERE

Hat tip: Neatorama


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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From The Richard Pryor Show (1977):

Interesting idea, but I hate anti-gun crap like this. It would be better with some pro-gun voice overs.


Nah, it’s just your friendly neighborhood purveyor of good times and vice in Bailey Colorado:


An interesting combination!  The picture says Houston, TX …  anyone know where this is so I can check it out on Google street view?


Your iPhone IPSC Shot Timer Options:

IPSC Timer – $4.99

Taurus Timer – FREE

Shot Timer Pro – $18.99

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

SureFire Shot Timer – FREE


I haven’t tried any of these apps, but $18.99 for the Shot Timer Pro is a ridiculous price for an iPhone app, and judging buy the website it has little to no advantages over the free ones.

The SureFire shot timer definitely looks like the best option to try out first, before spending any money.


Yesterday I talked about the painful combination of an AR-15 and an AK in the movie Echelon Conspiracy.

Today, SayUncle pointed out that this is not the first time such a thing has happened.  Behold this store advertisement:

Pretty funny back story on the picture.   One of SayUncle’s readers who goes by the name of Guav, read an article a while back where the press was talking about stopping the import of “dangerous AK-15 foreign weapons”, so he decided to bust out photoshop:

One can only guess how the picture ended up in the store advertisement.

No, DPMS never actually made such a beast.

Guav’s Flickr page – HERE