$61,000 in $2 bills given to employees.  Good guy Hornady loves dem strippers:



What a better way to support working single moms just trying to pay their way through college, then giving all your ammo company employees racks on racks on racks of $2 bills.  Awesome company, awesome idea, awesome bonus.  Nice to see the company giving back to its employees.

Hornady Manufacturing is one of Grand Island Nebraska’s leading employers with more than 300 people on its payroll.

Hornady said this is the third year the company has given its employees a portion of their annual bonuses in an unusual manner.

“Two years ago, we caught a lot of flack from the city council and some people in the city of Grand Island for how we don’t support the community and we don’t do things around here, which we disagreed with,” Hornady said.


Thoughts? Favorite strip club anthem?


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