Tactical concealed carry pants:

Behind the tactical scenes.  How the pants work:

Surgical elastic band… hmmmm.  Not really sure having a tourniquet on my leg is going to be comfortable, no matter how loose I can run it.  Also, the biggest you can carry is a full size 5″ 1911?  What if you want to run a Deagle?  Weakkkkkkk :P

Normally I’d really make fun of something like this, but these guys actually put in effort to make this system seemingly good for a wide range of people.   I wouldn’t call it “zero print” like they do, but at least it looks like you’re carrying around a book rather than a handgun.  Wait… is reading illegal yet?  Better make sure it’s not The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or you might be seeing how that asphalt tastes.

For me, all of these systems are a no-go simply because I’m extremely picky when it comes to fit.  At least they didn’t externally logo the pants… that’s always another deal breaker for me on any clothing unless it’s very minimal and in a spot which is out of the way.  For you though… cop (purchase) or nah?  $200 directly from STRYKR.



Gat tip: Tom

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