Moo-Lon Labe… infidel body armor… ugh my head already hurts LOL:

0:35 – LOL what the… this guy has EMTs on site and notified the Sheriff and none of them said “Dude… no… just no…”

I’m SOOOOOOO over these stunts.  They are stupid and dangerous.  Anyone who says they need to be done because “if we can’t trust vests to stop this, then we can’t trust them in combat” is a dumb, plain and simple.  You don’t drive your car into a wall at 100mph just to prove that the air bags will save your life.  They have actual dummies full of sensors, and can prove it scientifically… safely.  Ugh man.

9mm… then .45 ACP… Did he switch the plate out?  He doesn’t appear to be too concerned about not shooting in the same spot.  This is also dumb for obvious reasons.

3:23 – This comedian. *eye roll*  Again, we don’t know if he switched the plate out.  His wife seems very comfortable shooting at him.  RED FLAG ALERT. haha

Thoughts?  Do you still think these vids are cute, or are you over them as much as I am?

Gat tip: Marcus


A promotional / fundraising stunt put on by a Charlotte, NC radio show:

Raising some money for the USO of North Carolina, Woody put on a trash can and headed out onto the driving range. Did I mention that in addtion to driving golf balls at him with a golf club, you could also FIRE AN AR-15 at him?!? $1 per ball for a golf shot or $5 per ball to fire a golf ball from an AR-15 rifle at Woody. All the proceeds went to the USO of NC and Purple Heart Homes.

The armor: 

A video from the event:

Source – Woody & Wilcox

If you want to pick up an AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher for your own stupid stunts they are $25 over at Amazon.

Pointing an AR-15 at someone and pulling the trigger with or without a golf ball attachment, unless you’re planning on killing them doesn’t sit well with me.  The stunt did benefit the USO though which is a bonus, but I can’t see that organization being too thrilled about the method of fund raising.  I guess you can’t bite the hand(s) that feed you.

What’s next?  A real revolver contestants can play Russian roulette with, but instead of a real bullet there will be a fart stinkbomb capsule that will get broken by the hammer.  That person will be the winner.  Sounds equally as irresponsible and dumb.

Ooooo i’ve got another one.  A .50 BMG that contestants can wrap their mouth around the end of, but instead of real cartridges in the magazine, they will all be duds except for one that is filled with Redbull!  That person will be the winner.

I guess you just have to “hope” no one slips in a real round.  Wasn’t that on one child’s play movie?

Thoughts?  More dumb ideas?


Not a whole lot of gun content in this, but if you’ve ever dreamed of pushing your family sedan to the limits you’ll appreciate what these guys can do:

Races and Airshows, although a great American pastime are inherently dangerous,  proven most recently in Reno NV.  For that reason, although I enjoy both of them, I’d rather observe from a safe distance.

Damn these guys can drive though!

Hat tip: Bryan


Wait until some genius thinks he can be Kenny G by putting a loaded AR-15 up to his mouth and blowing.

Speaking of Kenny G, that dude plays a mean horn… not to mention he has some killer hair :P


Source – Popular Science (March 1938)

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