These guys are relentless now with the firearms stupidity:

I often wonder how they went from filming slow paced videos of girls shooting at that range, to jackassery like the above and this.

According to commentor pikid89, it’s the Babcock Webb WMA range near Fort Myers Florida in case you’re looking for a place to avoid.



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The following 3 videos are beyond stupid.

You’ll probably want to skip to toward the end of each video to see the good parts.

Wow, you’d have to be really confident in the spread of the load you are using at the distance you’re standing at.

You know you’re an operator when…. you shoot full auto from the hip around a live target while training.

Additional unnecessary stupidity involving a pistol.

Would a 3rd target not be a perfect substitute for a real human being?  *shakes head*

Anyone want to weight in? Possibly try to justify it?

If you don’t get the pic to the left, you’re going to want to check out my Try Not To Shoot The Photographer post.

Hat tip: John G. & Boquisucio for the translations


Check out these two geniuses:

This takes the cake.  After not being satisfied with the first welt he got, our brave volunteer went back for more and ended up with a nice sized hole in his body.

At least he’ll have a scar to remember his stupidity by.


I was hoping it was airsoft after I saw him sweep his head at around 30 seconds. Nope.. not airsoft.  It blows my mind that people that stupid are alive.

It’s a miracle he didn’t kill the camera operator too.

*UPDATE: Colin from the comments has evidence that these are blank guns. I’ll keep the vid up anyway, just because it’s ridiculous.


I hope i’m wrong, but I don’t think this was done with any camera trickery.  Just good old fashioned stupidity.

What even more mind boggling is there are at least 3 people (the guys in the video) that thought this was a good idea.  Yea.. not unsafe at all guys… keep up the good work. :roll: