Sturmgewehre tells us why:

Assault Weapons Ban T-ShirtA good summary of the whole mess.  I had not really followed this whole thing all that much because I hate listening to politicians talk as much as I hate assault weapons bans.  Sturmgewehre I’ll listen too though.



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Sturmgewehre takes a look:

The bill Democrats will introduce would limit magazines, belts, drums, feed strips and “similar device[s]” to 10 rounds of ammunition. It would allow people to hold on to the “large capacity ammunition feeding device[s]” that they currently own, but prohibit them from buying others or transferring the ones they have.

ClipMagazineLessonThe full story over at Huff Post.

Is it just my imagination, or are a lot of people actually now correctly calling magazines “magazines”… not “clips”?


Sturmgewehre breaks it down:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackYea… exactly.  Watching this video should be required for anyone parroting gun control catch phrases they know nothing about.



Sturmgewehre takes a look at a new 50 round drum magazine from SGM Tactical:

It would be quite satisfying to load an entire box of ammunition into one magazine.  As I was typing that I was also thinking how much burning through a few mags of that would cost though :/

SMG Tactical doesn’t have the magazine up on their website yet (FAIL #1!) and their website looks like shit (FAIL #2!).  Midway USA is taking pre-orders of the mag though, with the price set at $69!  After seeing the above vid, I’d say you would definitely get your money’s worth if you have a 9mm Glock.

Not having last shot hold open is kind of a let down.  I’m pretty sure they could find a way to incorporate that into the design, considering the way that is engaged on the Glock isn’t very complicated.  Normally I would have complained that the actual mag part that goes into the gun isn’t an actual Glock magazine… my concerns were relieved though when I saw it seemed to function perfectly, The Beta C-MAG used an actual Glock magazine, but it no longer seems to be available for sale (and from what I remember was significantly more money).  Non-steel reinforced magazine lips may be a bit of a concern for those that operate hard, but my guess is they chose a polymer that can take a lot of abuse.  That ratcheting action used to load the magazine is genius.



They talk about it in this video starting at 2:00:

These two seem like genuinely nice people, so I was hesitant to write this post… but then I though what the hell… so here goes.  First of all let me start off by saying I wish them the best of luck.   Now my main question is their qualifications… (3:19) Cory says they are going to be offering Defensive Handgun, CCW, Tactical Rifle, Tactical AK, and a Ladies only class which Erika will instruct.  Erika has been shooting for 1 year.  Granted she could out shoot me any day of the week and probably roundhouse the Cheeto dust off my mouth for talking shit about her skillz.  I think most people like to take training courses from people that are ex-military or ex-Law Enforcement… that said, Chris Costa from Costa Lupus (Yea I know it’s “Ludus” but I hate the way the name sounds) is an ex-coast guard and people listen to what he has to say like he’s Jesus.  Maybe Cory is the up-and-coming young Costa that the shooting world wants/needs?  I have to laugh at what Al said to me in email though… “He’s got tattoos and facial hair, isn’t that enough?” (regarding qualifications) haha

They say they are going to bring in other instructors too, like Buck Yeager.  That part sounds like a decent idea… acting as the middle man can likely guarantee a pretty nice cut for them, with very little risk (unless a photographer gets shot, which i’m still surprised hasn’t happened yet).

Thoughts? Good or bad idea to capitalize on their YouTube fame?  Would you take a course from them?

Hat tip: Al