Randy Smith of Fresno, CA was planning on wetting mofos up:

What? How? That is illegal in California!  How come Randy did that?  Oh wait… he’s a criminal and didn’t care.

Not the safest gun on earth obviously.. but i’m sure it might manage a couple shots before KB’ing.

I laughed at 2:01 when it said he was 54 years old.   I was expecting some 15 year old gang banger punk.   Yea, not heat at all Randy… a 54 year old man out for a stroll with a fluorescent kids toy, especially when cops are on the lookout for such a thing that’s converted.   Dumbass…

Not the first time we have seen a Super Soaker shotgun. That one from 2009 had a whole mossberg pump inside it though, so it would have been safer.


Hat tip: Hamilton


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