Can’t support the troops with a t-shirt in Fort Campbell, KY:

Cant wear an NRA t-shirt in a West Virginia school:

Props to Jared for going that extra step and cutting the sleeves off too.  A total cozy boy / boss move for keeping cool.  I’ve been curling 30s on the reg here trying to step my bicep game up, so I can do the same when it gets hot.

Is this real life?  What ever happened to wearing whatever the hell you wanted?  Everything is “gang related” or “offensive now”.  I’m glad I don’t have kids, and that I only have to read about stuff like this happening.

NRA-LogoI am kind of disappointed no one’s kid has been booted out of school for wearing an ENDO Apparel t-shirt.  I guess I’m not working hard enough.


Hat tip: Lisa, Jordan, Marc


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He does a good job of breaking down the bullshit people fall for:

Yea exactly, they just rigged the poll to have the results show what they wanted them to show.  Someone with money should troll them by hiring several polling companies and actually asking proper questions such as the “registration of firearms” one MrColionNoir brought up…. then we will see what’s up.



Looks like “Bad Guys Inc.” might have some comedy potential.

Speaking of old music redone… I always notice it at Cheesecake Factory. I don’t know what satellite radio station they have it set to, but there is some funny stuff sometimes which sounds like 2pac songs played on the sax, or someone singing a 50 cent song in a jazz style etc… I know a lot of those songs are actually “old”, and rappers just sampled them, but some of the ones I’ve heard there just can’t be old.