First the “pistol brace” (AKA THE GREATEST SBR LOOPHOLE known to mankind) now this “muzzle device”:

Probably talking to the ATF like “I’m Sig Sauer bitch… enjoy yo’ self“.

Dave-Chappelle-Rick-JamesHow long until that gets approved and some other company or Sig even, sells the convenient (1:56) “slip on cover” for it, which miraculously attenuates the report of fired rounds.  Priceless…  When that happens it will be a celebration. I’ll bring the cake.  Anyway they are suing the ATF right now because they say it was inaccurately deemed a silencer. Imagine that.

Damn short stroke gas pistons are ill.  DAT BUTTSTOCK amirite?



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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These are absolutely incredible!

Paper M1911 with paper suppressor:


Paper Remington 870 cutaway:


Paper AK-47 Pistol:


More on Tacome1942’s YouTube Page – HERE

I don’t know if these are anywhere the same quality as his, but they might be easy for a kid to make:



I’ve seen a few of these “Surviving Disaster” shows on SPIKE, and they are pretty well done.

This one is AMAZING!.. Hats off to SPIKE for keeping it real and not only showing guns but also encouraging the use of them to fight back.

Splitting up the bullet proof vest for two people… good idea!

When giving the team a rundown of how the AK works the host says “This WILL malfunction on you”  <— my first thought was OH NO HE DIDN’T!@#!@# :P

Constructing an improvised silencer to take out a terrorist sniper with a head shot?  Sweet idea.. but does electrical taping a shirt around the muzzle really decrease the DB level that much? I doubt it.  Plus, a head shot at 100+ yards by an amateur using an AK-47 with open sights doesn’t really scream success in my mind.

Full episode on SPIKE – HERE