Oh look, you can swap out factory parts in your Glock to give it a feature it doesn’t need and shouldn’t have:


When the user’s thumb presses and holds Sure-Draw’s safer action inward, the weapon will NOT fire. Release the safety, returning to normal grip, and the weapon is ready to fire. Sure-Draw allows the user to holster their weapon with confidence.


More info over at the Sure-Draw website, where you can also get put on a pre-order for $30.

If you’re too stupid or careless to remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to put a hole in something you really shouldn’t be allowed to handle a gun because you’re a danger to yourself and others.  I’m sure this momentary safety “works”… but at what cost?  Besides swapping out factory parts, you’re also forced to hold your Glock like an imbecile in order to activate said safety.  It’s too bad Hornady doesn’t make DERPMAX Ammo for people who think this is a useful modification.

The icing on this retarded cake is that the product is called “Sure-DRAW” when clearly it should be called “Sure-HOLSTER” because that’s mainly what they are advocating its use for… holstering.

Why mess with PERFECTION?

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


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