Robocop AF:

I’m not fancy enough for something like this, but maybe some of you guys are *shrug*.  Dat automatic weapon light / laser activation on draw tho.

$165 over at their website.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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*hisss* *click* *pop* *tsssssss*:

Surefire-60-100-Round-Box-Magazine-Soldier-ProneSurefire, we get it; you operate. haha


Listen up, Travis and SureFire are trying to keep you alive:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyPerfect lighting on that beautiful skin.  Surefire camera crew obviously knows whats up.

Catch me popping around like a ninja flashing the light to create firefly like confusion… all while utilizing penile alignment to neutralize threats.



Another one I missed from April Fools day which I think is worth posting:

From-My-Cold-Dead-Paws-Cover-Cats-GunsAwesome stuff.  Man that Terminator laser is grail status.  They are forever in the history books for that one.

The best part about lasers and cats is you can aim the laser at your buddy’s crotch without him knowing… then the cat attacks it.  Classic shit.


Surefire flashlights have been in tons of movies… here’s a look at some of them:

I can’t believe I’ve never seen most of those.  I always get so hyped about movies when I see the trailer, but the throught of going to an actual movie theater where I can’t pause the film to go to the bathroom, make good food to eat multiple times, and maybe even split a long one up over a few days, really doesn’t interest me.  Normally I end up forgetting about movies now entirely.  I’ve been watching a lot of good documentaries to unwind… watched one the other day on the U.S. Postal Inspectors.  Fun Fact: It’s the oldest law enforcement agency in the U.S…. and some of the stuff they do appears to be pretty high-speed.


I’ve always been a strong supporter of Surefire.. except for that tactical derp specimen known as the wrist light.

Next up for Surefire, Bollywood?


The law enforcement divorce rate will spike if these lights become standard issue. Check the promo vid:

0:08 – Either the acting is really bad, or this “cop” is actually a rapist… I can’t tell yet.  Right now I’m scared for the kid.

0:35 – K I’m pretty sure he’s a real cop.  A scream is heard close by, cop flexes his light skills for the kid and tells him to hold onto it… kid says “Won’t you need it?”  Then I shit you not, this happened… I lost it LOL:


0:40 – Kid is stone faced not giving a single about what he just witnessed. Then gives a “what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” type glance at the flashlight he was given.

0:52 – Purse snatching in progress, bad guy sees cop and then holds girl hostage with a knife.  He then lests go and there is a bit of a chase until he gets his shit kiboshed by a bend in a gate smaller than he can fit through.

BOOM product shot #2… other officer on the scene is also tactical as _ _ _ _:


2:31 – “I had no idea the detective was there, I was talking about my 2211”  <— *eye roll*… that was forced.

2:50 – Whaaat?  So the girl getting her purse snatched was actually the kids mom?  Clever stuff Surefire… haha not really.

I think they really missed out on not getting Vince Vaughn to play the bad guy.  I guess California’s gun laws must be working, the bad guy had a knife not a gun. *snicker* (Obviously implied: Ban assault knives!)

Man I sure do love Surefire, but this product is off the charts retarded.  I didn’t even mention the price yet, which is a cool $500.  Uh…. WOULDN’T.

Looks like Glock has some stiff competition in the realm of shitty commercials.

SureFire-2211-Tactical-WristLightWill 2013 be the year of the tactical wrist flashlight?  Too early to say, but I’ll keep my ear to the tactical streets.  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Tim