Yeah huge shocker that they don’t want to be burdened with all the problems when ordinary citizens could take care of some of them.


Make sure you head over to PoliceOne to check out all the survey questions and the results.  Some of them might surprise you, but on the other hand if you know police officers chances are you won’t be surprised.

You can hit up the PDF with the full questions and results of the survey – HERE

I like the idea of the survey a lot, but I really wish that PoliceOne would have spent the time to get it out to more than 15,000 officers.  Sure that sounds like a decent number at first though, but in reality the NYPD alone has more than double that.  Yea I know it says they sent it to all 400,000 of their verified LEO forum members, so that’s pretty said only 15,000 cared enough to respond.  They should have offered an incentive like a free coffee / donut to drive response rates up *zing*.  I’m kidding of course… that job has to be the most thankless one on the planet, and I have a lot of respect for everyone that does it properly.


Hat tip: Martin


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