surving disaster


I’ve seen a few of these “Surviving Disaster” shows on SPIKE, and they are pretty well done.

This one is AMAZING!.. Hats off to SPIKE for keeping it real and not only showing guns but also encouraging the use of them to fight back.

Splitting up the bullet proof vest for two people… good idea!

When giving the team a rundown of how the AK works the host says “This WILL malfunction on you”  <— my first thought was OH NO HE DIDN’T!@#!@# :P

Constructing an improvised silencer to take out a terrorist sniper with a head shot?  Sweet idea.. but does electrical taping a shirt around the muzzle really decrease the DB level that much? I doubt it.  Plus, a head shot at 100+ yards by an amateur using an AK-47 with open sights doesn’t really scream success in my mind.

Full episode on SPIKE – HERE


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