This looks legit *eye roll*:

The dual wielding of pistols is crucial to looking like an operator and surviving a zombie apocalypse. That really shows you know what you’re doing when it comes to self defense.

If you’re near Brandenburg, KY and want to take their August 12th course, it’s only $175 and goes from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.  What a deal! *facepalm*


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Ross Capicchioni recalls what a friend did to him outside Detriot, MI:

If Ross was carrying a gun it wouldn’t have done him much good in this case at first anyway, since he was caught by surprise.  It might have prevented the 2nd and 3rd shots though if he could have got it out with his good hand. I suppose being 17 at the time legally rules out the possibility though.

Since Ross lived and appears to be back to normal, 35 years in prison for the other guy is a nice to see. If there was any real justice though they would have executed the kid on the spot after he was proven guilty beyond a doubt, then used the money that was saved over sending him to jail to pay for an education for Ross. The world would be a lot better place if things like that were allowed.

Sad how things like this are just so unprovoked.  Some people put no value on a human life.


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Wait for it….

2 – 3 hours with nothing to eat!  My god!

I love how this guy keeps a straight face the whole time too.


Way to mold the minds of black youth with crap like this:

Video footage (picture at left and footage below) has surfaced revealing some of the lessons that the New Black Panthers are teaching their audience, which consists largely of children. In the video, party member King Samir Shabazz is shown teaching “black survival,” which includes how to hold weapons, and how to use them.

Full story – HERE

The handgun is presumably unloaded, but I still cringe when I see demonstrations like this.  These demonstrations in particular are disturbing because they have a real “kill whitey” vibe to them, rather than “self defense”

I can’t take that guy seriously for a number of reasons, the main one being if I close my eyes he sounds like Charlie Murphy.  I was just waiting for him to break into some wacky tale of his escapades with Rick James.

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Bayonet, flashlight, laser, compass, saw, inspirational quote and much more:

Check out the whole article at the Art Of Manliness – HERE

I don’t know whether to save this for reference, or read it once more and laugh my ass off.

<– Art Of Manliness isn’t really known for trolling, but this pic perfectly sums it up.

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Outdoors enthusiasts and safety gurus alike need look no further than How to Survive—a practical hands-on guidebook that will help you conquer any situation with cheeky humor and simplified instructions.

No word on whether or not guns make an appearance in the book. I’d hope so though.

Looks like a decent addition to any SHTF enthusiast’s bookshelf.

You can get the book for around $10 at amazon – HERE