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They did a nice job on this:

Not all that much happens in this video, but it portrays the vibe of quality and employee dedication.  I fully realize this blog is a “marketing appreciation” vid a lot of the times;  It is what it is.. I appreciate good marketing.  Until less than a decade ago the firearms industry was rife with unbelievably poor print and video marketing from both small and gigantic companies.  This has definitely got a lot better over the years, since more of these companies have realized the importance of building a brand on social media.  The current consumer isn’t boomers who only read NRA weekly in print (or whatever tf they call it), and take it as gospel.



0:02 – Holy, this sounds like it’s going to be boring.

0:12 – Ok ok.. some decent “making of” footage so far.  I’m here for it.

0:27 – Damn, I thought the lobby would be more flexy.  Looks like a Holiday Inn Express.

0:33 – Smith really CLOMPING down those stairs.  Catching the cool breeze in the room across his fresh fade.

1:13 – They are really working on minting a bunch of new M&P Bois I see.

1:26 – Wtf is a “HYDROXYL GENERATOR”?  Edit: “hydroxyl generators are used to eliminate odors and break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments”.  I’ll have to look more into that.. sounds a bit snake oil to me.

1:38 – The man said they are working on manufacturing and delivering more pistols, revolvers and rifles today than ANY TIME in their 169 year history.

2:13 – Talk about revealing an “exciting new product”

2:26 – Hell yea, Julie Golob is a queen.

3:23 – The GunSmarts thing sounds really solid.

4:57 – Here we go… a promo video.  These are always fun.

7:29 – It was one of those connect with people through shared experiences and hope type vids.  Predictable, but they did a nice job on it.  I’m always hoping the promo videos will have some random dude who just left a coffee job john-wicking some gang members that try to rob him.  I guess I’ll have to keep waiting and hoping.

7:53 – Since 1852.  That’s definitely impressive.  No disputing that.   Daaaaaaamn Daniel with the epic beard.

11:04 – The new product reveal is the M&P Shield Plus.  Promo vid time.  Good changes I suppose.  I’m really glad I’m not in the review business… my reviews would literally be like 10 seconds long.  I don’t know how some of those YouTubers do it.

14:04 – Man, that is a LOT of text on the slide.  “M&P 9 SHIELD PLUS PERFORMANCE CENTER” then the logo.

I wonder why they choose to use the cringy smith-wesson rather than smithandwesson ?  Neither is great honestly, but the hyphen is deadass the most cringe thing ever.  With all the money they have they should definitely buy SW(.)com off whoever owns it.



Genius 😏:

When does the Glock version come out?

He mentions using it to hit someone in the video, but the patent shows its purpose was intended to be a barrel extension.  I’m assuming it was designed to be carried and used as a baton until the officer wanted to extend the barrel for whatever reason, like more velocity and better accuracy.  Kind of a lot to ask, if they were looking at turning a S&W model 10 into something surgical at long range.



S&W knows M&P guys aren’t the sharpest:

M&P guys will be furiously taking notes in crayon to this 😂… then pausing, backing up to hear what was said for the 25th time.

I wonder if these guys discussed ahead of time that one of them should grow a bit of beard scruff so they didn’t look identical?

The icing on the cake is when they answer the question every sheephitter needed to know… “Can I put the flat dark earth palm swells on the black gun?”



Watch these three short videos below, and tell me they don’t go a bit overboard with the unloaded thing:

Did something happen recently involving a loaded gun from their brand?  Those videos all go out of their way to demonstrate and talk about the gun being unloaded.  Just seems odd that this would be the theme of back to back videos, when they known damn well a lot of people are buying their guns for protection and not simply to go shoot paper targets for shits and giggles at the range once a month.  If you’re NOT planning on using the gun for protection these work perfectly fine of course.  Going to your trunk… opening the gun case… finding the key to your cable lock… unlocking the cable lock… unlocking the ammo vault… loading a magazine… then loading the gun hardly works if you’re being carjacked for instance.  The bedside safe demonstration where no magazine is present and the gun is unloaded is another head scratcher…  sure that’s “fine” if you’re not planning on using it, but if you are then I don’t see how it would work either.  I like how she touched on the positioning of it though in relation to how you would grab it.  I bet a lot of people might overlook that.   The hunting one is fine if he’s throwing it in a case on his ATV and not carrying it, although I’m not sure what he means by “basically loaded”.