Door-Kickers-Video-GameThis looks cool.  Reminds me a lot of Police Quest SWAT 2 which I used to play.  Obviously being 2014, this game is far more advanced and with better graphics though.

More info on the Door Kickers website.  Available on Steam for $15.


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Train how you operate. SoKoperator has you covered:

Tactical bucket hat brAh.

Don’t let the the shot whistles and robotic moves at the start get you down… IT GETS BETTER.

1:30 – Is this what a bad guy looks like in South Korea?  Is that maybe what a North Korean threat looks like?  Some knockoff sus Waldo-looking character with True Religion jeans, a bad haircut, and an AK?  Either way, SoKoperator kills them all with the quickness.

1:46 – Hybrid Mozambique techniques on deck.

I’m about to quit commenting on timestamps at this point because there’s a lot of the same fulling one guy with several holes in random patterns before moving on to the next guy.

2:32 – Who wouldn’t want to shoot a bad guy, then immediately knock some plates down just to show bystanders what’s up?

Holy these moves are are so damn crucial.

3:35 – Up close and personal with the facepalm and gut shots.

3:47 – Increase angle of handgun and go for dick shots.

3:59 – As if getting shot in the dick wouldn’t be humiliating enough, SoKoperator has to finesse it and shoot sideways to the bad guy.

4:19 – Hold on to that tactical bucket hat… shit is about to get REAL.

4:31 – Dynamic rifle snatches in the mix!

4:35 – The old chair attack maneuver foiled again

4:54 – If you didn’t already figure it out… when going prone it is absolutely imperative to spread your legs as far apart as possible to achieve maximum accuracy.

5:03 – If your partner can’t see the threat, push him down to the ground (hoping he figures out what’s up) and engage the target yourself.

In the next few clips we learn that if you and your partner are shooting, one of you arbitrarily needs to be in an awkward position.

6:08 – I surrend……… HA NO I DON’T. I KILL YOU!

Fancy pants spins and behind the back shooting follows… so much win.

6:49 – Smoke grenades and various soft handed homoerotic South Korean distractions thrown into the mix.  Yes that was a double ass pat at 7:13.


7:44 – And from behind the tactical Hyundai minivan, two operators were about to operate.

7:58 – Great way to ruin a North Korean kid’s party.  Shoot the piñata last.

9:20 – The start of tactical Hyundai minivan operations.

10:02 – For style points, make sure to alternate between your handgun and rifle for no reason at all.

11:08 – WAT?  An HK jamming?  Blame the ammo, and move on with your life.

11:34 – I’m not entirely sure why he’s slide locking every time… I’m assuming it’s a Korean operator hipster thing I probably wouldn’t understand.

12:51 – A lot of one handed weapon manipulations.  SoKoperator is NICE at these, not that I’m surprised.

13:46 – Oh damn they even have the water torture test in South Korea!  Flawless my dude.

South-Korea-SWAT-Operator-TrainingAfter a Valentines week break I’m back at the blogging thing again… Hope you guys learned something today, which you can apply to your own operations.


Hat tip: Jim


Weakest freestyle I’ve ever heard:

An aspiring teenage rapper accused of threatening his roommates with a knife was recording a music video about being surrounded by the SWAT team when a flash bang grenade went off in his Fort Collins home.


DerpDespite the SWAT team kicking down his door, this kid can’t be that bad.  He is wearing a headband his grandma knitted him… that’s a good grandson right there.

At least this little SWAT incident earned him some street cred. With talent like his, he will in the Billboard top 10 in no time. haha



A look at the shootouts of a South African swat unit:

Filmed over the course of three years by British war cameraman Jeff Chagrin.  The SWAT team’s motto is “You have never lived until you have almost died.”.

1:40 – Hahha how operator is that. Very necessary.

Jim-Croce-OperatorTypical room clearing techniques, and other normal safety precautions when encountering potential threats seem to elude these guys.  Oh well live to die another day I suppose… It does go with their motto quite well.


Hat tip: Krystian


I’m no expert in SWAT tactics, but rolling up, setting off a car alarm, then bunching up near the entrance seem counterintuitive.

And when the shots start going off.. yikes… I’ts amazing Jose Guerena’s wife and son weren’t killed either in that 60 shot mess.

What do you guys think?

Full Story – HERE


WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. — A Brevard County man was naked when he opened fire on a SWAT team robot and it was all caught on video, according to deputies.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said the robot was sent into the West Melbourne home last week because the homeowner had called his family and said he was going to take his own life and the life of anyone who tried to stop him.

Full Story – HERE

Very selfless of that robot, to sacrifice its life to save the suicidal naked man.

I’m not really sure the point of disallowing embedding… You’re going to have to watch the video on youtube ( HERE ) or at the source page linked above.