The LOLs start at around 45 seconds:

sammy-davis-jrI don’t know if those are the good guys or the bad guys, or if there are good guys are bad guys in relation to us.  I don’t really care, It’s just funny to see that people find shit like what’s in the video universally hilarious.

I can’t even fathom the amount of wasted ammo over there with those jokers.

Live leak really grinds my gears.  I couldn’t find the video on YouTube though.


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People love finding something they can get outraged about. Example Kenneth Cole tweeted this:

Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-MadYou can click here to read people’s angry twitter replies.

*gasp* how offensive and outrageous!  *eye roll* seriously? This is the kind of thing that people get worked up over now? He made a clever comment about a current event relating to footwear, which his company sells.

If you’re actually deeply offended by the comment I really don’t know how your precious feelings aren’t hurt every time you take a step outside your house into the cruel world.

Troll-FaceHe should start a new line called “Kenneth Troll”, where he prints phrases on clothing that will piss people off and get them really talking.


Hat tip: Ron


The “Syrian chicken wing”:

Trigger discipline is for newbs.  Sweet move keeping the stock under the armpit too.

I wish I understood the language, or knew the back story.  Why are they all hiding behind that wall?  Are they fighting with someone down the street?  The guy helping her seems reluctant to stick out too far.


Perfect barrel length and stock configuration for a little girl.


Hat tip: Kyrstian


Rebel’s gonna explode:

The primary source for doctored ammunition has been the Syrian government, which mixes exploding cartridges with ordinary rounds on the black markets through which rebels acquire weapons, the commanders said.

Check out the full story over at the New York Times.

Interesting practice.  If this has been going on in all sorts of wars for as long as they say it has been, I wonder if there’s any risk shooting the military surplus ammo we all know and love?  My guess is not, considering I’m not hearing about someones AK or Mosin Nagant blowing up daily.  Kind of makes me uneasy though.

That dudes fingers are gnarly.  I’m guessing that giving someone the “middle finger” isn’t considered offensive in that part of the world, because if it is, that guy better watch who he waves that right hand at.



Lucky he’s not driving, or he would get a ticket in most states:

The picture was actually taken in Syria, while they were travelling 80MPH into the city of Aleppo to kick some ass (or get lunch and some beer with his bros when they respond to his text).

Source – CJChivers (Author of THE GUN)

First of all I thought he had his finger on the trigger… but upon closer inspection of the hi-res pictures on CJ’s site, the guy has it behind the trigger.  Interesting choice of resting spots.

Other guesses on what he’s texting?

Hat tip: Steve


These guys should make a movie called “Lose a hand, or die trying”:

Besides the cool factor of the improvised weapons, I loved the soothingly casual “Allahu Akbar” at 3:20.   Most of the time in videos 50 people scream it at once.

Hat tip: One of my favorite YouTubers HighJak86 (who may or may not be working on an improvised pipe weapon for a future video)