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Ahhhhh I see what you did there *smh*:

“I see these kids and they’re like, ‘Yeah, eff the cops.’ I’m like, no, no, no young brother. That’s not what we’re saying here. We have full respect for all police officers,” he said. “Here is this message, and what I want you to get out of it is inform yourself.”

That Francisco Carbajal kid is a shithead, masquerading as someone who is trying to “educate” the youth.

Full story at Las Vegas Now.

shoot-cops-t-shirtROFL he sold “more than 100 t-shirts in the last year and a half”.  *slow clap* might as well retire now man… you’re HUGE.   Ahahah later on in the video it goes on to say he has four business partners.  God these guys are jokers.



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The Holy Grail.  Looks legit *snicker*:





Let me start off by saying I know… every time I troll anyone who makes a product it’s because “I’m jealous”.  Haters gonna hate, I get it guys… I really wish I would have thought of the notch hat, tactical arm tape, etc… and of course the above shirts.

I mean look at those designs…. they were practically handed down to whoever runs Redneck Nation Clothing by Jesus himself.  “Go forth and maketh millions” he said before turning a bunch of water into wine and partying down with the guys.  DJ Disciple on the Technics *record scratch sounds* *bomb drop sounds* *thunder sounds* *choir of angels sounds*, no pyro for obvious reasons.

Did Jesus call Magazines clips?  If my above scenario was correct, it would appear he did.

Handguns are badass as is… but handguns in slide lock? Yea that’s pretty much Tier -13 when it comes to gun related t-shirt design.  I’ll be kicking myself for years to come knowing I wasn’t the guy who started that trend.

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Hat tip: Cliff


Setting the bar real high for derpy gun related t-shirts:


Open-Carry-Tshirt-2When I was sent a link to the site selling these I burst out into laughter.  First off, the design itself is absolutely retarded, and looks like complete garbage.  Secondly the website fittingly is at that exact same level.  Then I noticed they had a Facebook page and I thought “hahah I’m going to click that link and see 2 or 3 likes on a sad lonely page”…. NOPE… 5000+ likes and numerous customer pictures and positive comments from across the USA.  Wow… just wow.  Good for them I guess haha.

What a great way to agitate the public and waste the time of the police in some of the lesser gun friendly areas.

I almost wasn’t going to write this post because the thought popped into my mind that I might alienate potential ENDO Apparel customers.  Then I checked myself and realized that although both of our t-shirts are in the same price range, no one that likes my brand is going to be derpy enough to go anywhere such a terrible looking t-shirt as the one in this post.  I’ve seen better looking firearm related t-shirts at gas stations.

Thoughts?  Would buy? haha

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I like Jadakiss as a rapper, but this is straight derp:


I’m not from the hood, and though I’ve been through various hoods a few times and spent a small amount of time in others I don’t consider myself to know what’s acceptable there.  Lots of “urban environments” have issues with guns and gun violence though so I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of bullshit like in the picture might happen on a regular basis when guys showboat and try to impress / scare each other.  Most of the time (like lots of stupid shit people do) they probably get away without a negligent discharge or even a scratch on them.

Rick-Ross-Chain-Of-Himself-RecursiveBesides having two guns (real or not, it doesn’t really matter) pointed at his head, he has his fingers on both triggers.  To top it all off I don’t know what kind of artsy professional decided on the composition, lighting, cropping etc… of that photo, but it looks like complete garbage.  Funnier yet, “professional photographer” Jason Nocito was the one who took the glorious picture.

People pictures on t-shirts really aren’t my thing though, and I don’t call myself a professional photographer or professional image editor so what do I know, right?  The last person on a picture t-shirt I remember not “getting” was Kate Moss for Supreme one, where she was wearing a Supreme t-shirt and holding a cigarette.  Speaking of rap and people t-shirts, I’m holding out for one where Rick Ross is wearing his chain of himself wearing a chain of himself (pictured left), while wearing a t-shirt showing the same thing…. that’s recursive awesomeness right there, the world might divide by zero and implode.

Oh yea if you want that Jadakiss derp t-shirt you can pick it up at alife for $32. *Jadakiss laugh*