From an episode of his show Tac-TV.  Russians Spetsnaz are confident sons of bitches. Fueled by vodka?

The crappy old version of the video in case the new one disappears.

Holy shit that guy with the balaclava is high speed… just wait and see what I mean.

1:17 – Hmmmm so he’s putting on a vest… I wonder where this is going…

1:22 – Hmmm 2nd guy walking on to range… OH HOLY JESUS please no…

1:24 – Gun drawn and aimed at guy #1 *My mind explodes*

1:35 – Three shots from guy #2 into guy #1s chest (body armor) *The pieces of my exploded mind explode again*

2:08 – Phew… ok I thought the LAV was going to be like “Meh… good training drill for sure”, but he really doesn’t like it.

3:46 – WHHHHHHAAAAT?!?!??!

4:23 – Human obstacles?  Seriously… I just feel like I’m getting trolled at this point.  

4:47 – Nothing like another few shots next to your head.

Spetsnaz-Mission-AccomplishedPlease tell me simunition is being used in some of these drills.  I noticed some fluorescent tape on some of the slides… not all of them though.

Try as you will, you’ll never be that HSLD.  I’m surprised they don’t raise the bar a bit more and do some of these drills on a busy playground or at a trampoline park considering they are so fancy.


Hat tip: Christopher


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