Oh look, another aftermarket AR-15 part:

Price unknown, pre-orders starting Dec 1st over at TacCon.

Cool video.  Terrible website. Terrible explanation of function.

So the lower with the “AUTO” position on it is actually just a semi auto I guess (I don’t see the third pin hole)?  I thought getting a fake “AUTO” lower was only cool in 2011.. people are still doing that?  With this trigger group dropped in, it apparently gives the AUTO position a “positive reset characteristic”. I’m not sure what that means in the context…  it forces the trigger to reset maybe, rather than you having to move your finger forward?  Who knows.  All I know is I like the speed that brass is flying out, and I like how those guys are operating.

Oh and remember guys, it’s not a trigger group… it’s a trigger “system”. hahah I love operator lingo.

TacCon-3MR-Trigger-Operator-SystemThe ATF is so chill lately with all this potentially cool stuff.  Whoever the dickhead over there banning shoestrings was, he must have retired.


Hat tip: Christopher


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