Not the first of it’s kind, but definitely the nicest looking:

I’m still one of those “it’s not broken so don’t fix it” type guys when it comes to anything Glock.  Even the generation 4’s very existence makes me shiver because the gen3 was basically perfect.  Anyway, I do see how something like this TackRack could come in handy for various reasons mentioned.  Sure you’re adding a potential “snag” point, but that’s the catch-22 in this situation because that’s the whole reason you’d be putting it on in the first place.



I lost a bit of respect when I saw the options for engraving were “Punisher, Don’t Tread On Me, and the US flag.”  Two out of those three engravings are in the basic bitch starter kit for laser engravers.   I’m cool with the flag, in case there was confusion.  At least there’s no witty anti-Obama slogan, or “from my cold dead hands”, “molon labe”, or “come and take it”.

While I’m making fun of shit, I always get a kick out of when people use such phrases as (2:23) “Making it easier to gain positive purchase on the slide”…. Oh get the fuck over yourself and just say “get a good grip on the slide”, no one is impressed by “positive purchase” Phil, got it? haha

You can grab one of these things at Wright Shooting Concepts for $30, or $35 with the very rare engraving of your choice discussed earlier.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Gat tip: Adam