No these are not photoshops, they are all available for purchase.

Yes those are muzzle breaks on all them, and Yes those things are meant to counter the effects of recoil and barrel rise.

Why on a .22 LR and a .17 HMR you ask?  Good question.. must be due to decades worth of public outcry for some manufacturer to step up to the plate and tame the mighty beast which is rimfire.


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more hilarious… I give you the bead sight on the 500 road blocker:


Of course the beat sight resides on the muzzle break because if it was on the barrel where it belongs it would be eclipsed by that massive chuck of metal screwed onto the end of it, and you wouldn’t be able to aim.

All of the guns listed are available on their website – HERE


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Built to military specifications, Battle Mug features a M1913 rail interface system which allows the operator to mount a standard issue M4 carry handle, tactical light, laser device, holographic sight (we call them “beer goggles”) or even a bayonet for close quarters, high risk operations.

Each individually serialized Battle Mug features Mil-Spec Type III anodizing and a crenelated base and is built with the operator in mind. Whether you are fighting drug lords deep inside the jungles of Colombia, stomping out Al Qaida terrorists in Falluja Iraq, or eradicating no-good hippies in Berkeley, California…

Battle Mug is built to take the abuse and will be there to offer you a frosty 24oz. reward once the mission is complete.


Available at BattleMug.com for $189

The carry handle isnt included.  Isn’t calling it a “Battle Mug” a misnomer then?  Shouldn’t it be a battle glass?