Tactical Combat Academy

Punches, jostles, shuffling, and yelling oh my:

0:00 to 0:43 – Having a dude homoerotically punk / yell at you while you’re getting your heart rate up is so crucial to the overall goal over lowering your operational tier.

0:43 – Now we are in deep in robot maneuver central.  Seriously that shuffle.  *facepalm*

1:15 – Holy ok now we are back into stomach punches, kidney punches, and more yelling.

1:58 – Ok that clenched ass cheek shuffle has to be a joke.  Did he poop his pants or something?  Oh the “instructor” even threw in a jostle shortly after… lucky us!

A lot more of the same… punches, jostles, shuffling, and yelling.

Keanu-WoahWell at least not ALL the stupidity to do with firearms is coming from Texas this week (scroll back through the last couple days posts you don’t get that reference). :P

Tactical Combat Academy is based out of Slovakia.  They actually have some really cool videos (nice production value) on their YouTube Page.  A lot of serious shit going down engaging targets from a vehicle.  TCA also has a facebook page also you can check out.


Gat tip: Cloverleaf Firearms Group


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