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This shit right here.  Wow… just…. wow:


Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldPlease guys, keep throwing your money at Tactical Response and Shoothouse Puzikas training courses.  They are responsible for a good percentage of the ridiculous bullshit I blog about, so as long as they have students then I’m sure they will continue to cook up this amazing stuff like in the picture.

As you guys know my operational level hovers around TIER -18 to TIER -22 depending on how smooth my last op went.  I’m thinking standing on your battle buddy’s chest while shooting must be a TIER -23 or better maneuver, because I obviously have no idea what’s going on.  I’m thinking it must be VERY top secret top tier high speed because Yeager deleted it from his Instagram page sometime since it was posted.


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White knights in the comments:

Key-And-Peele-Rap-Album-Confessions0:14 – Hmmm so he starts the vid off with a smirk on his face?  Uh ok.

0:24 – Video goes positive vibes to “help kids with cancer” rather than crushing Yeager.  Good on him for trying to promote a good cause like that.  Seems like an initial deflection though in this case, but I still like the sentiment.

5:15 – Asking if someone wants their money back in front of a group of their peers is a lot of pressure.  I personally wouldn’t care

6:50 – SHOTS FIRED at California. haha oh man some guys aren’t going to like that. “There’s something to be said about where this happened and how it’s going down, because I’m telling you the rest of the country doesn’t act like this.”

9:28 – LOL *iced tea blasted out my mouth onto my t-shirt*

Is he still putting photographers down range as part of the curriculum?  Or is that still a calculated risk, just like dropping the gun and stepping on it?  His legitimate real world reasons for dropping them are actually solid though when you think about it.  Could it be done with an empty gun to to illustrate the point and mitigate the risk of another ND?  I’m assuming so, but again what do I know.  BIG BOY RULES again in this case?

Read the comments in the video.  They are hilarious.  I’m assuming the negative ones are being deleted.  I’m actually surprised and not surprised that he responded to this.  It’s a good controversy, and controversies mean views.  Like he and everyone else said, it’s fortunate no one got hurt.



Tactical Response Fighting Rifle Spokane WA 2015:

0:32 – Photographer takes his place downrange.  *smh* People will defend this to the death (no pun intended)… like there aren’t alternate safer ways to get a good shooting shot for instagram.

1:07 – No ceasefire or anything called, but the instructor decides to go downrange and point at targets.

1:13 – Gotta get a good shot with the cellphone cam.  It’s a must to also stand there like a smug boss after you take the quick vid.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedA lot of spins in this.  “Scanning for threats” I guess? *shrug*

I’m just not operator enough to understand apparently.  Tactical Response has been doing this downrange photography thing for a while now… I remember when that first video came out and people lost their minds.


P.S. – A lot of people have been sending me a link regarding an alleged safety issue at a Tactical Response class in California.  There are just too many people to hat tip, but thank you all for that.  I’m really not a huge fan of when stories aren’t directly from the people involved, “from a trusted source” and other 3rd party statements on this… so I’m going to sit this one out.  I wish there was some cellphone camera footage if the incident actually did take place… that would have been pure gold.


First of all Yeager apologizes for his initial shit talking about Instructor Zero being only an educator:

He says Zero talked shit about him (which I hadn’t heard at the time)… until Danny sent me this Facebook post with hundreds of comments plus this 16 minute video rebuttal from Instructor Zero:

The caption:


Draaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaa *eats chip, walks away*.  Whenever someone asks “So there’s really enough content to blog about guns EVERY DAY?”  I’m like “LOL so much drama, and bullshit going on all the time you have no idea.  It’s endless.”  When one micro-beef stops, then another one starts up like clockwork.

Zero is actually quite articulate in this, I understood everything he was saying without even needing subtitles.  His fit is v. rare too… mirrored aviators, black blazer (potentially a camouflage handkerchief in the pocket) with the tucked black shirt… dad jeans held up buy an interlocking G Gucci logo belt. Unkempt hair and beard. A classic tactical man if I’ve ever seen one. 5.11 will probably start making washed dad jeans and blazers now that Zero has blessed the community with a view and thirst for them.

If you haven’t already subscribed to both these guys… James Yeager and Instructor Zero, you’re missing out on tons of entertainment.  You might get occasionally educated by accident too.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereThoughts?  Instructor Zero making Yeager’s “name taste like ass when you speak it”?

*sings* What’s beef?… beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep.  Beef is when your moms ain’t save up in the streets.  Beef is when I see you.  Guaranteed to be in ICU.” *sings*

Gat tip: Danny


Semantics.  People are likely saying “self taught” because they were put on the spot in front of his whole damn class.  What did he expect them to say?  I’m assuming by his arrogance he wanted to hear “I have not taken any formal training”. *smh* whatever get over yourself and cash the checks bro.

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI found this video VERY entertaining… like Ernest P. Worrell level entertaining.  The idea that to become the best (or better even) you need a teacher, is laughable.

Remember though James Yeager is NOT here to entertain you.



Yeager talks to a Yoga instructor:

I wasn’t even going to watch the video; I’m glad I did though because it was pretty funny.  Yeager is definitely taking the YouTube channel in a way different direction than I thought he would.  The controversial Yeager made for some great blog posts and a funny comments section, but these videos are more interesting for sure.

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved6:39 – LOL I’d love to be a fly on the wall when someone asks the yoga instructor if they can show up to class in their full operator kit…. and then be there again when they actually do it, rifle and all.

8:17 – hahah she called them “shooting poses”.  Damn that’s cute.

Thoughts? Do any of you guys do yoga?