tactical response

Say James and his sidekick:

I kind of see what they are getting at in certain cases they mention, but the premise of the video was of course to troll and get views as usual.

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved2:50 – “I’ve seen a lot of fads.” …. oh like standing downrange and taking pictures?  Yea you might not think that’s a fad, but trust me you won’t be doing that forever for one reason or another.  Hopefully it’s a less serious reason though like your insurance company threatens to pull the plug on your coverage.

<— Brought it back for old times’ sake.



A cool story from a couple bros, if I’ve ever seen one:

“a friend of ours” say Yeager and Jay… and then don’t mention his name.  Who is this?  It’s not Shoothouse Puzikas again as we find out later… and it’s not Cory 11B because he’s in Indiana.

FXhummel1-Tactical-Response-Photographer-DownrangeOh man I really want to see whatever video(s) they are likely talking about that are “unsafe” according to my fellow keyboard commandos.  Keep mind Jay is the downrange photographer at Tactical Response, so obviously his definition of safety is very loose compared to a lot of ours.

4:41 – Jay addresses the Shoothouse Puzikas negligence.  LOL LOL LOL so funny guys so funny, so hilarious Shoothouse shot a student and he’s still operating his school.  LOL amazing.  Uh for real… this is a joke we laugh at now? *smh*

I agree it’s not even going to happen that the anti-gun people are going to be like “Oh ok, we like that type of training but we don’t like this type of training”.  Videos like this are going to continue to be made over at Tactical Response though because then I throw a fit over it, and ARFCOM throws a fit, and ______ throws a fit and then on and on and Yeager adds another few million dollars to the bottom line because people find out about him this way and the “not giving a shit” legend he’s been cultivating for years keeps growing.  Honestly I’m ok with that… if guys want to train at Tactical Response and shoot 2 ft to the left of Jay’s head and get a cool 8×10″, or go train with Shoothouse Puzikas, it makes no difference to me either.  Your time and money.



This goes exactly as expected:

homer-jump-sharkHonestly like I’ve said before.. “Do you Costa”.   That shit was lame as hell though, and a shark jump of the highest order.  Get those paychecks though.  At least we got some laughs out of it.  Costa obviously doesn’t give a shit either… still has his sense of humor and self-confidence and is no worse for wear, so whatever it’s a win win.

5:31 – Sup girl? … damn there’s that ENDO thirst again, sorry guys.

10:38 – Panerai watch flex?  Japan MONaaaaaaY!  I really like the simplicity of the base model. His looks like a Luminor Marina from what I can see.




James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyNow he’s just making shit up.  Sure, a couple people have probably said the “longer sight radius makes the gun more accurate”… but I’m sure they don’t actually believe it somehow makes the gun itself better through magic.  They just don’t realize what they are saying… and mean that it’s easier to BE accurate with the gun if you have a longer sight radius.

What’s next?  Black colored guns shoot better than white colored guns due to the amount of light absorbed v.s. reflected?  GTFO.



Carry “system” *snicker*:

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved*puts out video saying how calling the AR-15 a weapons system sickens him… does video with Galco and lets it slide without so much as even a comment*.  Weak.

I realize this was advertising… but a 7 minute video on Galco was pretty much a waste of time over reading a list with like 6 points on it.



Yeager says the gun community is a bunch of punk bitches:

James-Yeager-Tactical-Responsehaha people love labels.   I don’t really care what you want to call yourself, if you’re reading the blog and have an interest in guns, that’s cool with me.  As far as I’m concerned you don’t have to agree with and support EVERYTHING gun related.  You’re allowed an opinion, and if your opinion is that something “hurts” the progress of gun rights then that’s fine.  Doesn’t mean someone should stop doing whatever that is, if it is within their rights… but I don’t think you having that opinion makes you a punk and I’m not ashamed of you.