Tactical Tunes

FXhummel-Tactical-As-ENDOYea I don’t really get the .380 thing either.  People have been asking Glock for a single stack 9mm for decades.  Who knows though they might roll out the 9mm next year at SHOT.  This .380 version was definitely good for generating buzz just off the complaining alone.

Tactical Tunes is wearing the Tactical As shirt from ENDO Apparel.



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Tactical Tunes with another song and a boogie:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomThe lyrics for this one must have come almost TOO easy once the FN topic was decided on.

Tunes is in the Defend Freedom shirt from ENDO Apparel.  The long sleeve version for a change even.

FN thoughts?


Tactical Tunes word is his bond:

Who doesn’t use Loctite?  I’m sure they have competitors of some sort but I’ve never heard anyone being like “Are you doing to Pink StickyLockIT (TM) that castle nut bro?”.

Tactical-Tunes-AK-Selector-Switch-Shirt-ENDOI’m excited because there is buzz in the comments that the gawd Mattv2099 is going to do a Loctite Glock trollture test.  He better used Loctite red or I am taking him off the “Would operate with” list. :P

Tactical Tunes is wearing the ENDO AK-47 Selector Switch shirt in the video.  TTunes is so dynamic with the movement now in his vids… no more sitting in a chair, he moves around and dances now.



Tactical Tunes no longer has writers block… or dancers block apparently either LOL:

hahah sweet wig and killer dance moves.  I briefly had a G22 (.40), and I didn’t care much for it compared to my 9mm and my .45.  I decided at the time, the only thing cool about .40 it was I used to snag brass the cops left behind at the police range I shot at.  In the end I never did reload it, but I had a lot of it which I gave to a friend a while after I sold the G22.

Fxhummel1-556x45mmDepending on who you talk to, .40 is definitely the “god caliber”.  haha I don’t know about that though.

A lot of ENDO Apparel shirts in this vid, FXHummel / Tactical Tunes has always been a huge supporter of the brand and it’s much appreciated.



Haven’t heard anything new from Tactical Tunes in a while. This is why:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomThe curse of the YouTube name change?  Just a lul in creativity?

Damn I kept thinking he would rhyme writers block with “Glock” and turn it into a gun song.

Tactical Tunes is wearing the M16 selector switch t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.


Tactical Tunes and the Vigilant Spectre boys, Killing time fooling around with some guns:

Damn that’s an ugly gun but the .500 S&W cartridge kicks like a beast!

Tactical-Tunes-Vigilant-Spectre-ENDOHoly that “accent” towards the end is obnoxious.

Vigilant Spectre is in the New York Reload t-shirt, and Tactical Tunes is in the Deagle t-shirt both from ENDO Apparel.